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A while ago, I said I would discuss Touch, and why it was the book from hell, for me. So, this is that post, and if you are not inter­ested in the nuts and bolts of it, I urge you to close the browser window, because: long. —— I don’t talk as much about the process of writing here as I do in real life. I don’t think it would be possible — I think my fingers would fall off first. But in part I don’t write about it often because I am very, very aware that no two writers work the same way. Ever. Even when I’m talking with another writer and we’re using the same process words, we’re not actually using them in the same way. I don’t want people who … Continue reading 

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So… thanks to the modern miracle of Junk folders, I did not actually see the go ahead to post my cover until today. Since I have been sitting on this cover for a month or two (it feels like TWO YEARS), I was surprised to hear that the cover had gone live on Amazon​.com. I emailed my editor to ask if I could post the pre-pub version that I had, since it was live on Amazon​.com, and she said…We sent you the cover link, because I was CCed on it. But, politely. And…she was right. So I have been waiting an extra four unnec­essary days T.T. But, in the theory that late is better than never: Cast in Flame. This is the cover that I went to the photo shoot for. I had … Continue reading 

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I cannot believe it is already February. But, of course, it is. I finished revi­sions on Cast in Flame in January, and they’ve gone back to my editor. I still have copy­edits to review (when they arrive) and AAs (the HLQ version of page proofs), and the book will be done. And I have a cover rough which I cannot share yet, which is making me cry. I will post the cover the minute I have permission. Ahem. No one likes to see a grown author cry, so I will move right along. I am about a third of the way through Grave. I admit that I have avoided looking at any reviews what­soever for Touch, because I am still smarting from the writing part of it. Except for the Tor​.com review, because one … Continue reading 

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In the Touch thread, Hanneke asked a question which I’d like to answer here: I’ve been looking for it on Kobo every few days, and it hasn’t shown up yet, two-and-a-half weeks after publi­cation day. Should I practise my patience a bit longer, or is this long enough to guess that someone at the publisher forgot to tick the ‘available to buy in the rest of the world’-box at distri­b­ution, or forgot to send it to Kobo, and send them an e-mail? If so, do you happen to have a name or an e-mail address for the publisher, where I could send my question? The short answer is: No. If you picked up Silence from Kobo, and you do not live in North America, or … Continue reading 

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In theory, release day for Touch was the 7th of January. I say in theory because this only applies if you are not North of the border. We still don’t have copies at the store. But! The book has begun to make its appear­ances on book­shelves in the wild! So I am posting this a little bit late >.>. Touch is available. I’ve added links for the audiobook and the ebook (the inactive links are Kobo and Google, but I’m certain it will prop­agate out to both). In a week or so, I’ll post a more active spoiler thread — but this isn’t it :). Someone on facebook (whose name is Joey) posted pictures of Touch. I actually haven’t seen the finished book yet (I may have mentioned that … Continue reading