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Today is release day for Cast in Honor. For some reason, I thought it was the 27th, which is not today. This is the state of the writer’s brain =/. This isn’t a spoiler thread, as the book just came out — I’ll start a separate spoiler post in a few days. In other news, I have finished the first draft of Grave. I am working on War and Cast in Flight, and neither of those books is trying to murder me, for which I am profoundly grateful. I have just received page proofs for the mass market of Oracle, and am revising Grave for submission to my long-suffering (more long-suffering in my case than any author should have any right to expect) editor, Sheila Gilbert at DAW. And yes, I know I never … Continue reading 

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I know I’ve been conspic­u­ously absent lately. I’ve been working on Grave, and I am almost finished it. But people have emailed to remind me that we’re close to release date and there are no Cast in Honor chapters. Here they are :)

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I traveled to Brisbane, deter­mined to finish Grave. Toronto to Brisbane is a long flight (or long, at least, in North American terms, and very long if one absolutely hates being on a plane, which your author emphat­i­cally does). On the first leg of the journey, I sat beside a young man who pretty much spent the entire flight to LA coughing. Or sleeping. Or coughing in his sleep. This did not fill me with confi­dence, but it’s not like I could get up and switch seats — these days, all flights appear to be full. I arrived in Brisbane after — yes — the longer of the two flights. (I almost wept when I checked ‘how much longer will this flight last’ and found that the ten hours I was certain I had already spent … Continue reading 

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I know most of you have probably seen this on-line (at places like Amazon or B&N), but I just got the official cover released to me today, so: here’s the cover for Cast in Honor. Which I love love love. It’s more of a thematic cover than a tech­ni­cally accurate one — but when a cover conveys a mood or a tone to me, it works. Shane Reben­schied is, as usual, the artist respon­sible for the final cover; Kathleen Oudit is the art director. I want to keep them both for the rest of my career. I kind of want to enlarge the cover, print it out, and hang it on every wall in my home. As for me, I am on a kind of writing retreat (in Brisbane, which is as far … Continue reading 

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Michelle — that would be me — suffered what might be called a cata­strophic crash in the middle of May, and recovered in time to do a frenetic revision, a book review column, and copy-edits of the afore­men­tioned frenetic revision. This did not lead, oddly enough, to a stable, happy frame of mind when I once again confronted my personal nemesis, Grave. I was very burned out. I’ve mentioned before, but will say it again: when the writing is Not Going Well, I tend to withdraw from the wider world. I’m not terribly social-media active to begin with, so it’s not always imme­di­ately obvious, but I reach a point, when strug­gling with words, where I begin to feel that I am not the writer that people want to interact with — that writer is competent and orga­nized … Continue reading