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Hunter’s Redoubt is now avail­able! …mostly. Print versions can be ordered from retailers. Amazon’s version of the trade paper­back went live on Amazon sites today, and that is the version that will be shipped if you order the paper­back from Amazon. The audio­book has prop­a­gated out to Kobo — but it hasn’t reached other audio­book retailers yet (I checked before I posted). I will try to update links on the book page as it does. I am still in Kansas City, but we’re leaving for Toronto today, so I may be out of internet reach while we travel.

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I am writing from Kansas City, as I am here for my first in person conven­tion since 2019. Some of you may have noticed that the trade paper­back edition of Hunter’s Redoubt is now avail­able on Amazon & B&N. In theory, the hard­cover should make its way out into the world in a similar fashion. To be kind to book­sellers, I don’t expect that the print editions will make their way out onto book­store shelves – so walking into a book­store to ask where the print version is will not make their jobs any easier. I do expect that you’ll be able to special order the book from various book­sellers. This is pretty much how BakkaPhoenix handles self-published books. We carry very few as a matter of course, but will order … Continue reading 

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This book had a bit of journey. I’d written 200k words. I’d cut 110k of those words, but still believed I had 90k words. This is not what happened. What happened in the end was I had 0k of the orig­inal words I’d written — and 303k of the new words I’d started once I’d typed “the end” (which is figu­ra­tive as I don’t think I’ve ever typed that unless instructed to do so). It is the longest first book in an arc I’ve ever written. Which was not my intent. But. Michelle. Story length. It is the story of my writing life >.< Jody Lee did the cover art, and Kath­leen Oudit, the cover design across all four formats. This is the front cover and the … Continue reading 

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The state of this author is fraz­zled. The only thing I’ve really self-published before were ebooks; the print collec­tion Memory of Stone came later, and there wasn’t neces­sarily a ton of excite­ment about it; it wasn’t new per se. Hunter’s Redoubt is entirely new. And I have discov­ered that while uploading ebooks is simple and clean, uploading files for print books is … not. Little things have to be adjusted. Big things have to be adjusted. The book is at the maximum length that Amazon will print, which means some of those adjust­ments are diffi­cult to make. But Amazon’s processing tells you imme­di­ately when you have to make adjust­ments. IngramSpark’s processing does not. I know I uploaded the wrong cover file for IngramSpark because neither I or my … Continue reading