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Two people, because of discus­sions else­where on the internet, have sent email asking me ques­tions about release weeks, and how when a reader buys a book affects me, person­ally. I thought I would take the oppor­tu­nity to answer them here. But, as usual, before I answer a ques­tion, I need to explain the context. (This might be a little on the long side — and because I want every­thing to be clear here, if anything I’ve said is confusing in any way, please ask me to clarify). First: Every­thing I am saying about release week refers to tradi­tion­ally published books, in large part because most of it relates to the sale of phys­ical books through tradi­tional outlets. Ebooks figure into the discus­sion, but not in the same way. If you haven’t heard the … Continue reading 

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Silence, the first book in the Queen of the Dead trilogy, will be published in hard­cover in May, 2012. In any prac­tical sense, this means the book will be avail­able in North America some­time at the end of April, 2012. People have asked me what it’s about; some have assumed because of the cover, that it’s a para­normal romance. It is para­normal, but for reasons that are entirely in char­acter, it’s not a romance — and I am really hoping that this does not disap­point people =/. The cover flap is a bit of a spoiler, IMHO. So if you hate spoilers, and you want to read this book, you’re prob­ably better off not reading it. Emma Hall is a high school student whose first (and only) boyfriend died in … Continue reading 

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I have just had word from DAW about Riven Shield: THE RIVEN SHIELD will be put out for distri­b­u­tion Friday, so that should start appearing at vendors in the next ten days or so. As I’ve mentioned previ­ously, DAW, while being distrib­uted by one of the ‘Big Six’, is actu­ally a small, privately owned publisher, with the atten­dant number of staff. Getting new books into produc­tion, cata­logues, and stores eats up about 140% of their time, and the other 10% (because no one expects to work in publishing at less than 60 hours a week) is left for things like digi­tizing the back­list. Hunter’s Oath and Hunter’s Death have started to appear as ebooks in the wild. Riven Shield should join them soon, … Continue reading 

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First: Joey Shoji has mentioned here and else­where that there’s a cover for Silence posted else­where on-line, but only in thumb-nail. I will be doing a post — and uploading the cover image — later this week; possibly later today, depending on how the writing goes. And now onto the report: Cast in Peril is off to my editor at Luna; I finished and submitted it late last night. Peril was diffi­cult for me, in part because I real­ized at about 130k words that there was no way the events in the West March were going to be resolved in one book unless I threw away most of the 130k words I’d written by that point – because, well, there weren’t nearly enough words left. Unfor­tu­nately, most of those words are plot, and … Continue reading