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In the comments on my State of the Writing post, a couple of questions have come up, in part because I mentioned my hope of writing a small afterward to House Name which essentially says: And now, please read The Sun Sword. Carol Duffy said: I guess my question would be: *is* it actually necessary, as opposed to desirable? Or, put another way, “Are you giving yourself enough credit?” While I read the Hunters books before reading The Sun Sword, and they certainly added a lot to the latter books, I wouldn’t say they were necessary to understanding them. You did a wonderful job of keeping “new” readers up to speed if they hadn’t read the first two. I think … Continue reading 

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House War: House Name: This has been finished; the cover was posted downstream. The last of the three books that follow Jewel’s past. It’s scheduled for January of 2011, and it can be preordered from: Indiebound | Amazon | Powell’s | Borders | B & N Cast in Ruin: This book begins a few days after Cast in Chaos ends.  Kaylin is called in for the etiquette lessons she’s managed to avoid until now — and is also called in to help with an unusual investigation in the fief of Tiamaris, where the relocation of thousands of strangers is not perhaps going entirely smoothly.  Cast in Ruin has been revised and sent to my editor. It will come back with … Continue reading 

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Aaron asked If 39k words is all it takes to reveal Kaylin’s history, then perhaps you’ve been a bit lenient with Jewel, eh? Well…it’s Kaylin’s first case, and because of the wordcount, it doesn’t go into as much detail about the rest of her life as maybe it should; also, I thought it would end in a different place, because I’d hoped to be able to do her first case with the Hawks and the argument over the question of her survival in the same story. This didn’t happen, because it would probably have doubled the length. Which is the more difficult character for you to write (at the moment and all things considered), Kaylin or Jewel? The answer to … Continue reading 

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I have a question. I make longer posts both here and on my LiveJournal. The nature of the posts are slightly different. (I didn’t say it was going to be a short question, did I? >.>) I’ve been posting on LJ for a number of years. I didn’t actually start the LJ posts to be an author-online; I started them because they seemed like an almost natural offshoot of a prior BBS on which I socialized with people who were otherwise halfway across the planet. However…when being social, acts of egregious self-promotion All The Time aren’t conducive to conversation and interaction, and there’s always pressure to be promoting and to raise awareness. This was tricky for me, because I’m well … Continue reading 

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Devon, in the previous post, asked Where, in your eyes, does Cast in Moonlight fit into the grand scheme of things? It seemed like the right time to answer. Harvest Moon is a collection of three stories, one by Mercedes Lacky set in her 500 Kingdoms universe, one by new author Cameron Haley which is, I believe, a prequel to the just released Mob Rules, and one by me.  The publication date is, in theory, the first of October, 2010. My contribution is “Cast in Moonlight”, a novella of 39,000 words. Cast in Moonlight fits in at the beginning, sort of.  Kaylin is thirteen years old when she first meets the Hawklord, and the story starts just after that first meeting … Continue reading