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Hi, Was wondering why there seems to be a major prob in getting hold of Lady of Mercy? I have the other three books and didn’t want to start reading htem until I had a full set but I can’t get a copy of this book unless I am willing to pay £400.00 or more for second hand …. Are there going to be any more published at all? Thanks for your time xx   A couple of people have asked this, so I thought I would pull it up out of comments and answer the question here. The publisher, BenBella books, changed distributors, which meant shifting all existing stock out of one distributor’s warehouse and carting it to the … Continue reading 

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  I meant to actually post this at about the same time as I posted it on my Livejournal, so forgive me for the delay.  I really, really like the cover, which comes across on my computer as much lighter in the scan than it is in real life.  The on-sale date is the 28th of July, 2009. What this means is that in theory it should be available on the 28th of July in any store that has ordered it. What it means in practice is that some of those stores will have it earlier, some possibly a bit later. I’ve been saying “August 2009” in the store.   While doing this, I realized that I have not actually … Continue reading