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Monthly Archives: November 2017

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Many of you have already seen the cover for Cast in Decep­tion in the wild. The artist is, once again, the amazing Shane Reben­schied; the art director is the equally talented Kath­leen Oudit. This is the full cover, with back blurb: *** In the good news depart­ment: Mira is re-issuing Cast in Shadow and Cast in Court­light, to coin­cide with the release of Cast in Decep­tion. They’ll be in trade paper­back, with slightly updated covers (fonts, name place­ment, things like that). *** I have finished page proofs; I haven’t finished the book review column – but I find reading and thinking about books far, far less disrup­tive to writing than copy-edits or page proofs. Some writers can do both — write first, revise, proof-read — and I envy them enor­mously. For me, the … Continue reading