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I have a cover for Cast in Peril! The artist is Shane Rebenschied, and I love, love, love what he’s done here. The book’s on-sale date is the 25th of September, so it’s not coming out immediately–but soon. I could only find links for the ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but will add the others as they become available. I generally put up first chapters the month before the book is published, in part because I am the dictionary definition of impatient when it comes to reading. In fact, confession time: I never read first chapters or teasers when I’m waiting for a novel as a reader, because I want to finish the book right now, and am then … Continue reading 

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Last July, I started republishing ebook versions of my out of print short stories. I still have fifty-nine to go, but sold Silence, and added a book to my deadline plate. Since I publish the short stories, I am unlikely to seriously tick me off if I let things slide. I promised I would have a print version of Memory of Stone and Other Stories for my print readers. I’m grateful for the many years of support print readers have given me. This doesn’t mean that I’m less grateful for the support ebook readers give me now, but I started writing and publishing in a time when the only medium was print, and many of you have been with me … Continue reading 

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July 27-29: I will be attending Confluence, the small SF convention in Pittsburgh that I try to attend every year. Seanan McGuire is both the author Guest of Honor and the Filk Guest of Honor. I have a very tentative schedule, but it’s likely to change a bit, so I’ll hold off on posting it. August 30-September 3: Worldcon!. November 1-4: World Fantasy Convention. I theoretically have more free time (any non-guest of honor attendee can sign up for one panel, because there’s a much higher number of authors to readers ratio), but the convention is also in the suburbs of Toronto, which means the bookstore (where I still work part-time) will have tables there.

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First: Battle has been turned in to my editor at DAW. It is not finished in the sense that it is now a book – she’ll read it, and she’ll make notes of the things that don’t work or are not clear enough, and I’ll do a revision pass to correct the things I can address. After which, it will go out to a copy-editor and from there, to production, which will then print out galley pages, which come back to me. This makes me cry (and I apologize in advance because I know I whine a bit on twitter when I am proof-reading). There is nothing worse than reading your own books looking only for your mistakes, typos, etc. … Continue reading 

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I use an offline program to compose posts, and I sent that one to the blog instead of the LiveJournal, where it was meant to be posted >.< Apologies to everyone who gets email notifications here =/.