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With thanks to Paul Howard, who mentioned it in the comments of the previous post: Off Topic, but The Riven Shield ebook is up on Amazon​.com. I’m planning to wait until the series is completely available, but I thought some would like to know about it. I know that Broken Crown was almost ready, and I believe the rest of the Sun Sword will slowly make its way into the channels in order; I asked that Riven Shield be processed first because the physical book is unavailable, which meant that the book itself was unavailable in any format. At the moment, it appears to have propagated to two places: Amazon and iTunes; I’ll add links to the other ebook vendors … Continue reading 

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I have been fighting a rearguard action against a sinus infection for the past two weeks, and I am at that stage where any movement of my head – at all – is Very Unpleasant. This has killed Yoga for the past week, and I am therefore feeling sluggish. But! Cast in Peril’s copy-edits went back to Luna last week. I just got email informing me that the page proofs are on the way, and should arrive tomorrow. Those are the last things I have to review before the book is out of my hands – at least until author’s copies arrive. The title of the next Cast novel is: Cast in Sorrow. I may have mentioned, some time back, … Continue reading 

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Silence is now out in the wilds (in theory). It’s May 1st. Book days are always both exciting and nerve-wracking: Exciting because book! Nerve-wracking because the book–and my writing of it–is finally open to public scrutiny. Some people will love it. Some people will hate it. There’s always a little bit of fear lurking in the midst of the excitement – both are genuine. What I can say about Silence is that it’s the first of three books, it’s contemporary fantasy, and it doesn’t — I’m sorry — have much in the way of romance in it. It’s the Michelle version of a ghost story. It has a cover I adore, by artist Cliff Nielsen. The book jacket is a bit … Continue reading