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The House War

House War was, orig­i­nally, started as the conclu­sion to Jewel & her den’s arc in The Sun Sword. I knew I couldn’t finish the House War and the war in the South in the final volume (which, in any event, became 2 books). But the start of Hidden City did not allow for a braided narra­tive of the den in the past and the House in the present. This would not be the smartest autho­rial deci­sion ever. It just might be the stupidest.

The first three books in the House War series are the story of Jewel and the gath­ering of her den, their arrival in Terafin, and the ways in which they learn to fit in.

The second three books are, in fact the contin­u­a­tion of Jewel’s story in The Sun Sword. Links on the book page of Skir­mish have a “story so far” as either a refresher or and expla­na­tion of events that occurred in the previous series.

The Weston Calendar, which is used throughout, is here.