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Monthly Archives: March 2017

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March was eventful for me, since I usually stay at home and hide under large rocks. I partic­i­pated in the pixel­pro­ject fundraiser. As of this morning, I have mailed or hand-deliv­­ered two of the three books that donors chose in that auction (the third is not finished, not published, and promised to the third donor when both of those things occur); I have had the absolute plea­sure of speaking with the readers who chose the 30 minute hang­outs. During the month, however, I continued my normal writing schedule, with a brief break of two days to attend a conven­tion.  So, this is where the writing currently stands. Cast in Decep­tion, as it is currently called, is due in April; it is most of the way there, although … Continue reading 

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Because I’ve worked in an SF/F specialty store since 1986, I haven’t attended conven­tions in Toronto as an author; during those, we have a table at the conven­tion and we also need to keep the store open, so I’m seldom an author in Toronto, because: book­seller. BUT: I will be at the Ad Astra table at the Toronto Comic Con, for those of you who are local, or close to local, on the 18th and 19th of March, 2017. It’s at the Metro Toronto Conven­tion Centre. During the signing times, we’ll have books for sale, but if there are specific books you want signed (ummm, by me – and yes, I have signed other author’s books at customer request, but only once), let us know … Continue reading