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This isn’t so much a social distancing post as an update. I’ve put the short stories on hold until the revi­sion for Cast in Conflict is done and back to the editor — it’s going to be a bit late =/. Release week for The Emper­or’s Wolves is coming up, and in theory it’s the time when I try hard to make myself more avail­able on social media — and I will try, but, well. Revi­sions. Cast in Conflict. I also believe that when it comes down to brass tacks, readers would rather have another book than … more Michelle babbling frenet­i­cally on the internet. I will, however, continue the short stories after the revi­sions are gone and the release date has been cele­brated, because we are not out of covid-19 social distancing … Continue reading 

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I mentioned earlier that I am one of the (many) guests at this year’s Conflu­ence — which is going online, and is called C’mon­flu­ence. It’s free — although they’re accepting dona­tions if people both want and can afford them. Most of the sessions will be held on Zoom; some of it will be held on discord — the links of which are also on the web-site. HOWEVER: all of the zoom events require regis­tra­tion or pre-regis­­tra­­tion, and there might be a channel limit to the number of people they can reason­ably support. The complete list is avail­able now on the web-site with regis­tra­tion links, and I’ve just cut and paste the parts of the schedule that actu­ally involve me >.>. I don’t quite know how the discord will work – it … Continue reading 

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Because The Emper­or’s Wolves comes out in October, and it’s September now, which means it’s time for the preview chapter. So, this week instead of a short story, I’m posting the first chapter. You can find it on the book page, linked above, or here. (The book page has current audio pre-order links; I assume that the audio­book will be sold on iTunes, but the preorder for that hadn’t gone live yet.) Because I’m Michelle, there’s a very thin divide between being excited and being anxious. This is, sadly, normal for me, as people who have had to live with me would be happy to attest, although possibly happier at a safe distance which is harder to attain during these times of minimal excur­sion from the house. … Continue reading 

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Before I talk a bit about the short story, I have conven­tion news! Conflu­ence, a Pitts­burgh conven­tion, has decided to go on-line this year, shifting its name to C’mon­flu­ence. I have not done an on-line conven­tion yet, but I’ll be one of the on-line guests. I don’t have a lot of infor­ma­tion about what, exactly, I’ll be partic­i­pating in yet, but it’s free to register/join. Today’s short story — on Monday, even — is Flight. It’s the second dinosaur story (there has been no third, and it’s not connected to the first one). The only thing I remem­bered about this one – before format­ting and proofing – was the use of two names, tuck­er­iza­tions of two real life people I knew from GEnie. I didn’t remember the actual plot, just flashes of scenes; I also didn’t remember how I ended it >.<. The … Continue reading 

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This post has evolved out of a number of different conver­sa­tions I’ve had in real life, and one in partic­ular with a person I other­wise respect and have known since I was six years old. He has become very entrenched in an almost liber­tarian view of the world, and I wanted to contex­tu­alize the reasons I held my own views in a way that de-esca­lated his sense that “all liberals just want to take my money”. It wasn’t an argu­ment; I cannot speak for him, and I cannot speak for other people, but I can explain my own thoughts and reasons for my choices. (He expected that I would hold his beliefs — and I get this a lot, for reasons that are entirely and completely unclear to me.) In the end, he could under­stand my … Continue reading