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This is late again, for which I apol­o­gize. I thought that going back to the store two days a week would once again return a sense of the passage of time to me. This has not been proved true, sadly; I still lose track of what day it is, I just do it in bigger chunks (I thought Monday was Friday because I knew it was a workday and it … didn’t feel like a Monday). Today’s story, Turn of The Card, was written only twenty-four years ago (and published 23 years ago). I had forgotten a lot of it, and there­fore found it surprising. Also: I cried. This is prob­ably not some­thing to admit about one’s own work — but… it almost doesn’t feel like it is mine, this far from the writing of … Continue reading 

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So, this is late. And people who are looking at the covers will realize that I have jumped from 17 to 19. Story 18 was an alter­nate history, written over a quarter of a century ago (yes, I’m old), and I am just not comfort­able with it. It was alter­nate future, not alter­nate past, and the key char­acter is… someone who is alive now, adult, and not in any way but name asso­ci­ated with the char­acter in the story. Don’t write stories with fiction­al­ized real people T_T. Because I was angsting about this — and about the face that I know nothing about photo­shop and cannot there­fore change the numbers on the covers of the stories — I may have fallen off the stability wagon a bit and there­fore did not get … Continue reading 

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This is not Monday, but — Monday was the first day the book­store was open for customers. It was a partial opening, and will remain so for a while; while we’re allowed to open, the list of condi­tions for safe opening require a lot of social distancing, ster­il­izing of things people touch, and face masks. And people :). Our store is not phys­i­cally large, so at the moment we’re taking appoint­ments in 30 minute blocks, for a max of 3 people in the store. Also: hand sani­tizer is used on entry to the store, and face masks are neces­sary. Having said all that, it was nice to see people in the store again :) I was hot and surpris­ingly tired and came home and fell over, so … Continue reading 

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I started seri­ously writing about six years ago. I finished the first draft of my first novel last summer. In the middle of revising it, I was inspired and wrote a second novel in six months flat. With two novels’ first drafts done, the logical next step was revi­sion & editing — and this is where the rug was pulled out from under me in a way I did not expect. I’ve read plenty of advice that one should ignore that nega­tive inner voice during the first draft and then utilize it for editing in subse­quent drafts. For me, I found I could tune that voice out during the 1st draft — it’s the subse­quent revision/editing drafts I’m massively strug­gling with because of that inner voice. … I haven’t been able to make anything gel in months at this point, … Continue reading 

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Well. It’s been a long week. I… missed some of the events because I spent three days doing taxes (federal and GST/HST) and had to ignore the Internet because anything is more compelling than doing taxes. I discov­ered – and of course this makes perfect legal sense – that I can’t contribute to USian polit­ical campaigns. US char­i­ties will take money. I have read So. Much. News. So much. I feel some­what help­less, and I’m wavering between hope and despair, and the despair is the 2016 elec­tion all over again. Which, oddly enough, stopped me from getting a single useful word written for three months. (Little whis­pers: is this enough? Is this finally enough? Will things change? And I remember my mother not under­standing my 2016 reac­tion because… it was America. … Continue reading