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January 28, 2020 is book day for Cast in Wisdom, the chron­i­cles of Kaylin Neya’s life as a police officer in the city of Elantra. I’ve written, or attempted to write, the following para­graphs multiple times since I reached my computer, but… I always ending up heading to spoiler terri­tory and have to back up and try again. So: there’s some­thing in the book that moves toward changes that I other­wise can’t speak about on a book’s release day T_T but I’m excited to have you read it! In other news: In the way of writers, the book that has been tormenting me is not Cast in Wisdom. Because I failed to take a step and land on my foot, the revi­sion for the next novel — The Emper­or’s Wolves — has only just … Continue reading 

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I first “met” Mike Resnick through the long defunct GEnie. I had written a novel. I had, after revi­sions, sold it. I joined SFWA, and because I was a member of SFWA, I was given access to the SFWA RT. A chat room was attached to it, and Mike Resnick was frequently in the chat room. I spent time in the chat room. Mike Resnick frequently made me laugh. Loudly. He had an almost sibling-like desire to tease, and he did. I was afraid of meeting real profes­sionals. Why? Because I don’t always remember how to behave. Because I say what I’m thinking far too often. FAR too often. Because I over-focus some­times and my thoughts become a runaway train and in the end the only thing I am concen­trating on is conveying … Continue reading 

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I’m answering a ques­tion that was asked on twitter that prob­ably won’t be of general interest, but, well. It’s a ques­tion about the dedi­ca­tion of Cast in Decep­tion. Over on Twitter: @msagara Hey, a few years ago a few of my friends and I turned up in the special thanks section of your novel “Cast in Decep­tion*”. We were really excited about the shout out but I’m wondering, why did we turn up there exactly? The answer is a tiny bit circuitous — which is to say, this won’t seem like an answer until closer to the end. * PART ONE My house­hold is basi­cally a geek house­hold — a house full of people who drift from one end of the over-focused spec­trum to the other (can walk into moving cars … Continue reading 

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I have managed to fail to correctly step off a bus — on a day when there was no snow, no ice, no rain, and the side­walks were perfectly normal. Appar­ently I tripped over an invis­ible turtle on the way out. I landed on my left elbow and knee. This has, appar­ently, caused a compres­sion frac­ture in the elbow — although it must be minor because I was sent home from the hospital with an all clear, and someone phoned me 2 days later with a less clear – which is to say a phone call from an ortho­pedic surgeon letting me know that the intern on duty Monday evening missed a small compres­sion frac­ture in the elbow while looking at the X‑rays. Every­thing is there­fore being done with one hand — and as I’ve not finished … Continue reading 

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Today, the third of the Sun Sword books is now avail­able in audio­book. The narrator is Eva Wilhelm — who thus far has narrated all of the West audio­books. November – and the latter half of October – were about dead­lines. Well, dead­line. I have finished the first Severn book, The Emper­or’s Wolves, and turned it in to Mira. (At this point, it will be sent to my editor, who will edit and ask for revi­sions that will add clarity to the book, because some­times (still), the things that are on the inside of my head have failed to reach the page.) I am working on the next West novel, and will start working on the next Cast novel. And also, I have page proofs for the mass-market edition of First­born, … Continue reading