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It’s Monday again. Today’s short story is What She Won’t Remember. As usual, the .pdf, linked above, can be down­loaded for free (you might have to “save as” after you’ve clicked on the link). The book page is here. B&N and iTunes have not gone live yet; the former is prop­a­gated through Smash­words. I’ll add links as they go live. This was written for Mike Resnick’s Alter­nate Outlaws just over a quarter century ago. It was only a little bit longer than what was requested. I was still far more comfort­able with novel writing than with short story writing. And in some ways, this has continued, which will prob­ably be a surprise to no one. *** I am still writing. I can’t remember if I mentioned that I’ve … Continue reading 

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So, last week I mentioned Dimash Kudaibergen, and linked a couple of clips. The couple of clips were not, of course, all that I listened to — on his offi­cial channel he has, ummm, a lot. Including full concerts. But I was very curious — as one is — about who did beat him in the Singer 2017 contest. So… I found the full episodes (there are 13 +1 benefit concert) (someone subti­tled them), each about 1 hour and 20 minutes long. Then I had to go to wikipedia because I didn’t under­stand the contest rules. It’s a contest for profes­sional singers. So you have to be invited to go. But you get voted off the island every second episode. The judges are 500 audi­ence members, and at the end of all perfor­mances they list their … Continue reading 

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When I was in high school, I took French. In French, the stan­dard curriculum involved the reading of a book – in French, of course – and essays or discus­sions (also in French) about said book. But our French teacher, Bob, decided to go an entirely different route. He brought in a record (yes, record — no CDs existed at that time, and no MP3s – it was a 33 RPM record), and printout of the back cover sleeve, which contained all the lyrics. The record was for a rock musical, Star­mania. We studied specific songs – but of course, we all listened to the entire thing. It is… a younger person’s musical. Also: the French aren’t post-modern in their musi­cals. There are things that work in French that just do not work in English – like Notre Dame … Continue reading 

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And it’s Monday. Today’s short story is Winter. Mike Resnick was editing an anthology about Deals with the Devil, and he wanted a story. So I wrote him a story. I would have bowed out of this one because it was before the birth of my first child and frankly, I couldn’t under­stand why morning sick­ness was called “morning” sick­ness, as I was nauseous all day long, with maybe an hour or two of sort of normal. That hour or two was the time in which I could sit at a computer and write. And it was early days, and because I was young and new, I really didn’t want to make another profes­sional angry. But I liked the story I did write. It’s here. Click the link and you should be able to … Continue reading 

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Last week, I posted a link to music composed by my oldest son. This week, I am posted a link to music composed by my youngest son. They are very different, both as people and as musi­cians. I used to say, when they were much younger, that the only way the could be more different would be if one had been born female. This is Herald of Dragons, my favorite piece. I have been asked to also link to Usurper of Dragons. They’re paired, in theory; one is the first half and one is the second. I admit that it’s not a link I would have made had I not been told. My first response was: But I like Herald better and I’m posting what I like. But… then I real­ized there’s at least one … Continue reading