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I’m sorry I appear to have missed March >.<. March was revi­sion of Hunter’s Redoubt, which went into April; the rest of April is revi­sion of Shards of Glass, and taxes. I’m still revising Shards of Glass. I don’t have the cover yet, but the (front) cover is now up on various retailer sites. I’ll post the whole cover as usual (front and back) when I do have it. I am collating infor­ma­tion for taxes, which are currently in the virtual shoebox of email, Devon­Think and a couple of other elec­tronic repos­i­to­ries. While revising. So: there’s a bit of gloom, and given April, there’s also been rain. What we haven’t really had is the annual April snow­storm (yes, I’m knocking wood). Hunter’s Redoubt is with the copy-editor now, so I expect I will soon be … Continue reading 

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Very early February, granted. I have finished Shards of Glass and have submitted it to my editor at Mira, which means it’s not tech­ni­cally finished until revi­sions have been requested and completed. This gives me a needed mental break from a book that was almost two weeks late, so I can return to it with a less panicked and more objec­tive frame of mind. When I say “more objec­tive” this is on the scale of writer neurosis, so keep that in mind :). While I wait on edito­rial input for two books, I have started the ramp up to writing two books; I have more of a head start on the West novel, but will take at least a week to reread all of Sun Sword and make notes. I tend, in real life, to forget … Continue reading 

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First: December. I finished the first draft of Hunter’s Redoubt on the 24th of December – in time to panic about Christmas tree & presents & Christmas eve dinner. It’s 303k words long, so… the longest first book in any series I’ve written T_T. It has gone off to the editor. Hope­fully, it will go off to artist, too. I did not finish Shards of Glass, but I’m working on that now, in the lull between submit­ting a draft and getting edito­rial feed­back. My hope was to work on both books at the same time – as I do for most of a book’s life. But usually when I hit the end of a book, I put the other on pause. I even­tu­ally had to do that with this one, because the end of a book eats all … Continue reading 

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I am dead­line pressed in multiple ways at the moment, so this is a bit late (every­thing is a bit late T_T), and I have to run back to the optometrist to get my eyes re-eval­u­ated because the new glasses aren’t working well with one eye. That’s this morning at 11:30. In the mean­time: This is a SPOILER thread, where people can discuss the actual book and events in it, so if you haven’t read the book and also hate spoilers, avoid the comments. 

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November 29th is publi­ca­tion day for Cast in Eter­nity! …A day I had marked in my calendar as: “Optometrist appoint­ment: 12:30” T_T. It’s been that kind of month. Phys­ical books have made it to the store at which I work, and ebooks — I think — went out at one minute after midnight. So, fingers crossed, any preorders have been met, and anyone who prefers phys­ical books should be able to find it in stores. (As usual, the phys­ical books have a much wider avail­ability range, because the books have to get from a ware­house to all the corners of North America — or beyond! — before the 29th.) Links for ebooks, audio­books, etc. can be found on the book’s page (linked above). While I don’t link libraries, if budgets are tight, libraries should have the books … Continue reading