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I have been absent for all of November, in part because of revi­sions and in part because of general stress and anxiety. I have copy-edits for Cast in Conflict on my computer now. Copy-edits are the part when I realize: Oh, I’m an idiot. Again. (If I made no mistakes, if I were compe­tent the first time, I wouldn’t have to deal with … my mistakes. And neither would anyone else. Para­lyzing writer-brain at it’s finest.) Writing has there­fore been slow. Well, worse than slow. I real­ized, with the new West novel, that I had made a crit­ical error (char­acter intro­duc­tion) and that the book would be much better if I fixed that. Which means, because of my process, losing 110k words of writing and starting again at the … Continue reading 

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As promised, for those who have already read The Emper­or’s Wolves and wish to discuss it, this is the post on which you can do so. It goes without saying that the discus­sions will involve spoilers, and if you hate spoilers, avoid this partic­ular post. I am behind in absolutely every­thing T_T. I will be absent in a vain and flailing attempt to catch up. 2020 has not been the year for great focus =/.

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Today is release day for The Emper­or’s Wolves.  As of today, the book should be avail­able in print, audio and ebook. I love the cover. I love one small element in the print version – not the title page, but the blank page that follows a title page – it’s not entirely blank. Three years ago, give or take a few months, I was one of the authors featured at the pixel project. One of the things I offered to encourage dona­tion was a short story prompt. I was willing to write about either a familiar char­acter, or a single word prompt — like, say, Dragon. The person who donated could choose. The person chose Severn. So I sat down to write a short story. Or rather, a novella. If I mirac­u­lously ended up with a short story, I’d be fine, but … Continue reading 

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This isn’t so much a social distancing post as an update. I’ve put the short stories on hold until the revi­sion for Cast in Conflict is done and back to the editor — it’s going to be a bit late =/. Release week for The Emper­or’s Wolves is coming up, and in theory it’s the time when I try hard to make myself more avail­able on social media — and I will try, but, well. Revi­sions. Cast in Conflict. I also believe that when it comes down to brass tacks, readers would rather have another book than … more Michelle babbling frenet­i­cally on the internet. I will, however, continue the short stories after the revi­sions are gone and the release date has been cele­brated, because we are not out of covid-19 social distancing … Continue reading 

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I mentioned earlier that I am one of the (many) guests at this year’s Conflu­ence — which is going online, and is called C’mon­flu­ence. It’s free — although they’re accepting dona­tions if people both want and can afford them. Most of the sessions will be held on Zoom; some of it will be held on discord — the links of which are also on the web-site. HOWEVER: all of the zoom events require regis­tra­tion or pre-regis­­tra­­tion, and there might be a channel limit to the number of people they can reason­ably support. The complete list is avail­able now on the web-site with regis­tra­tion links, and I’ve just cut and paste the parts of the schedule that actu­ally involve me >.>. I don’t quite know how the discord will work – it … Continue reading