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  It’s 2019. I hope the close of 2018 was peaceful and warm. For my part, it was. I also make no New Year’s Resolutions this year for a change of pace. This is different from making resolutions which are … not so resolute by about April >.>. I actually took time off for the holidays, where “time off” = looking for appliances to replace our failing appliances. And hectic Christmas shopping. But we had a lovely Christmas, and both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day, so I am not complaining. Much. If the dishwasher had ears, on the other hand… I am, of course, still writing – but copy-edits ate much of December, and I was sick in bed … Continue reading 

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Here it is: the cover for Firstborn. Art by Jody Lee. I don’t have the cover flat, so I don’t have the text/blurb yet; I think the amazon text is actually catalogue copy (the thing that gets shown to booksellers). It’s Carver! Okay, now I’m going back to copy-edits T_T.  

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This is technically the November edition, but I have been neck-deep in page proofs for Firstborn. Which were due today. November was actually a really productive writing month (until page proofs). I found the beginning of The Black Gauntlet, title entirely tentative, and have one prologue and three chapters. I have more of the Severn book, but some changes from novella structure were necessary. Not as many as I was afraid there would be–but to be fair, I was afraid I would have to ditch all 30k words, so. I have copy-edits for War incoming today, which will eat some writing time – but War is a June title. So: February 2019 and June 2019 for Firstborn and War. I … Continue reading 

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Elsewhere on the Internet, I was asked a question. How many books do you work on at once? And how long did it take you to go from one book to two? Since the answer to the first question is two, I’m going to concentrate on the second question. When my kids were small, they were–no surprise to parents anywhere–very very work and time intensive. The 24/7 nature of very young children made writing a chaotic mess and an act of hopeful desperation. I had deadlines, and we needed the money from meeting them. But infants do not understand this. They don’t understand that money keeps roof over head, among many other things. So, when the kids were young – … Continue reading 

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It’s me, and if I’m warning you that this will be long, well. This is probably going to be long. I did consider splitting it into two posts, but there doesn’t seem to be a length limit in WordPress, so. (For the record, my long-suffering husband suggested that I split it into three. Yes, he survived.) So, first: The Sun Sword has been reissued in trade paperback (which is the larger, non-standard-size paperback format). Yes, this means they are more expensive, sorry =/. This happened in July, but I didn’t find out about it until the end of August. I’ve added the relevant information to the book pages here. I am not, as will become immediately obvious, much of a … Continue reading