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It’s the end of July, and as promised, here’s Cast in Ruin, Chapter One, which Amazon lists as a 20 September 2011 release. It’s an October title; it’s sold to stores as an October title, and the date of publi­ca­tion that I always refer­ence on my pages is the publi­ca­tion month for which the book is sold to stores. With paper books it is impos­sible to have an exact date without compli­cated legal embargos (i.e. of the type used for Harry Potter books and no one else); the Amazon date is prob­ably truer to the time at which the book will start to arrive in phys­ical book­stores (and there­fore Amazon’s phys­ical ware­house). It is also listed on the Elantra page in the … Continue reading 

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Warlord is the earliest of the Essalieyan short stories. Published in 1998, it was written in 1997. It is some (small) part of Avandar’s story, and had the distinc­tion of being the longest short story I’d written to date in 1997. It is not the longest short piece I’ve written since, though. It was written for Larry Segriff of Tekno books, and both he and my editor were very patient with both the length and the timing of its delivery. As usual, it’s up on Smash­words now, and is in the Amazon​.com queue. The last two ebooks took five days to clear the Smash­words’ distri­b­u­tion queue, instead of the fifteen days the first book took, and the books went up … Continue reading 

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I’ve been informed by DAW that my DAW back­list — the eight books that comprise The Sacred Hunt and The Sun Sword — should be trick­ling into the ebook chan­nels in four weeks. They were total conver­sions, in that they had to be scanned from paper copies. This means that all of my novels to date will be avail­able as ebooks. Hunt­brother was on Barnes and Noble as of last night. Echoes which was sent by Smash­words in theory on the same day still hasn’t appeared. On the other hand, Echoes is avail­able at Kobo​.com, but Hunt­brother isn’t. The contracts for the audio versions of the first three Cast novels have been sent, so it looks like the first five novels will be avail­able … Continue reading 

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This is the fourth of six stories. I felt, after The Black Ospreys, that I had figured things out, and things would go smoothly. Hah. However, I am refining my orga­ni­za­tion, such as it is, and at least it was a completely new mistake, as opposed to the prior mistakes. I am confi­dent that I am learning how to do this prop­erly. The Weapon takes place during the period of the Blood Barons, as they were affec­tion­ately called. In the Hidden City, and actu­ally in at least one of the Sun Sword novels, mention is made of the first day rites, and of the festival of The Ten. The Weapon is the story behind the first day rites. Of the six stories that are connected to the … Continue reading 

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The Black Ospreys is now in the queue at Amazon (which states a time of 24 — 36 hours before it’s avail­able; Hunt­brother was much faster, but Echoes took longer); it is up at Smash­words, and in a month (I’m sorry!), will make its way to B&N, Kobo and Sony. Echoes is up at Diesel, so I think once a title clears the Smash­words distri­b­u­tion queue, it imme­di­ately goes up at Diesel. I still have no data on how long some­thing takes to reach the iBook store. I think you’ll find the intro­duc­tion to the story amusing. The story itself, as the title suggests, is about the Black Ospreys. I’m now fifty percent of the way through the six stories. But, the final revi­sion of Skir­mish did clear … Continue reading