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This is a little bit late in the day, and I apol­o­gize for that, but: it’s November 28th, 2023, and that is publi­ca­tion day for Shards of Glass. For some reason – not, clearly, one set in consen­sual reality – I thought today was the 27th. So tomorrow would be the 28th. …and books are released on Tues­days, which this is >.<. Shards of Glass is the first book set in the Acad­emia that the former Arkon claimed as his hoard. New faces and old occupy the Acad­emia, but the Acad­emia is older – by far – than the fledg­ling Empire in which Elantra is set. Robin, kidnapped from the streets of the poorest of neigh­bor­hoods in Elantra, was an invol­un­tary student, but he learned to love the learning elements of his captivity. And the food … Continue reading 

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This book had a bit of journey. I’d written 200k words. I’d cut 110k of those words, but still believed I had 90k words. This is not what happened. What happened in the end was I had 0k of the orig­inal words I’d written — and 303k of the new words I’d started once I’d typed “the end” (which is figu­ra­tive as I don’t think I’ve ever typed that unless instructed to do so). It is the longest first book in an arc I’ve ever written. Which was not my intent. But. Michelle. Story length. It is the story of my writing life >.< Jody Lee did the cover art, and Kath­leen Oudit, the cover design across all four formats. This is the front cover and the … Continue reading 

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I have the full cover for the new novel, Shards of Glass. I assume most people see the front cover at various retailers, so, as usual, post the cover when I have the full version. The cover design was done by Kath­leen Oudit, who I adore. I’ve stopped calling this the Magic School book because it turned left almost imme­di­ately. I don’t usually have to start the CAST novels multiple times; I sit down, I start. Maybe I’ll start a second time if the first attempt doesn’t hit the right tone, but the CAST novels have a tone. This book had to be started many times, and the even­tual begin­ning of the book was not the one I’d envi­sioned on any of the prior attempts. It’s not neces­sary … Continue reading 

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I real­ized belat­edly that I have a full cover for Cast in Eter­nity, which I did not actu­ally post. And as I’ve been a bit absent — I really didn’t realize that it had been three months since I last posted — I thought it would help compen­sate for lack of news. As usual, the art director is Kath­leen Oudit, and the artist, Shane Reben­schied, long may they continue!