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Thank you for your comments, emails, or input on the West group list.  I’ve added a page to the sidebar, called Downloads.  On it, you will find three short stories.   The first, Echoes, is a West-universe related story about Kallandras, the Master Bard.  The second, Birthnight, is the first short story I sold; it was written as Michelle Sagara.  The last, Nightingale, is one of the stories that I particularly like, and one of the few SF stories I’ve written.  For some reason, my SF stories end up being somewhat darker than my fantasy stories. I’ve closed comments on the Downloads page, because in theory it’s static, so if you have anything to say (links not working, etc.), here’s … Continue reading 

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I hope you like it.  I’ve broken out the series in the bibliography so they now each have their own page, but have left the text in the plain list alone.  I’ve added cover images to the sub-pages.  More important, I’ve also added .pdfs and .html of the first chapters (or prologues) of all of the DAW and Luna novels that have been published.  I will, hopefully closer to the publication date, also add the first chapter for Cast in Silence.   I haven’t added links for the first chapters of the Sundered series, because unfortunately, I have no electronic copies of those; they were written in the days when floppies seemed like a good back-up medium, and the floppies … Continue reading 

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I have some news for Michelle West readers. But first, a small digression. I’ve said before, and will no doubt say again, that no two writers I know work in the same way. It doesn’t matter what their stated process is; when you get down to details, the process that sounds the same actually differs widely. Some writers are outliners. They can write an outline which they can more or less follow, and use the outline to guide their story as they write the actual book. I can’t. I’ve done it once, and what it taught me was that it’s not a guide — for my particular creative process — it’s a straightjacket. Some writers can look at a story … Continue reading