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This is the final part of the summary of the events of The Sun Sword: Skir­mish Summary 03.b. There are — as I think Michael pointed out in the previous thread — events that I didn’t mention, in part because it would add enor­mously to the length of the summary, and if I hit 60k words, it pushes the meaning of the word “summary”. It prob­ably wouldn’t surprise anyone, but it also wouldn’t be finished until next month. I think the summary contains the back­story neces­sary to under­stand what’s happening now in Skir­mish, but if there are points that are confusing, this is the post to ask ques­tions in. I will try to answer them as they come up. I also want to add some­thing here. I did have a spoiler thread for … Continue reading 

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First, noting the tags, I want to apol­o­gize for a number of things. I did not intend to write a series of books that would break in the middle this way. What kind of an idiot writes a series that requires another entire series to be read in the middle? Appar­ently, me. Had I real­ized, when I finished Hidden City, that there would be three books that would cover one arc, I would have called the series some­thing else, and had one “early years” trilogy. I like to believe that I learn from my mistakes. I promise that I will never make this one again. It didn’t occur to me, while writing Hidden City, that people who hadn’t read The Sun Sword would actu­ally be reading these books. I am enor­mously grateful … Continue reading 

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Well. The end of 2011 was hectic, and I’ve been a little snowed under with work. I’m an intro­vert by nature. People who’ve met me in real life often find this descrip­tion a bit confusing, because in real life, I don’t gener­ally strike people as shy. But intro­ver­sion is not synony­mous with shyness. I like inter­acting with my readers. Actu­ally, let me rephrase that. I like inter­acting with readers for whom reading is a life­long obses­sion, because that pretty much describes me, and it’s some­thing we have in common. But inter­ac­tion, when I’m over­whelmed, takes thought, focus, and energy, and when writing is partic­u­larly diffi­cult, that’s where all the mental energy goes – and it leaves me with very little left over. When I am in that state, it resem­bles … Continue reading