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So. Where to start. I am not finished the next Cast novel. I’m not finished War. I had a very very very diffi­cult November, which added to future dead­line stress. I am working on both books. I only barely remem­bered that it’s January, and I have a new book being published in February (Grave). So I made a post about that. Badly. Every­thing I ever knew about Word­Press has vanished into the back­brain so thor­oughly, finding it was an issue >.<. I promised that Grave would be avail­able at the same time in both the US and the UK. I had intended that Silence and Touch be avail­able before that. And, well. Fail. When I finish words for the day, I am working on making those avail­able. But I confess that the “finish words” part has been severely in jeop­ardy for … Continue reading 

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On February 7, 2017, the third and final part of The Queen of the Dead will be published. It’s longer than either Silence or Touch by about 40%. But everyone expects that from final volumes, right? >.> It also has my favorite of the three covers, all by Cliff Nielsen. *** I couldn’t choose a single chapter as a starter. I mean, I could, but I couldn’t. So there are sort of three chap­ters in the sample chapter, which is here.