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I first “met” Mike Resnick through the long defunct GEnie. I had written a novel. I had, after revi­sions, sold it. I joined SFWA, and because I was a member of SFWA, I was given access to the SFWA RT. A chat room was attached to it, and Mike Resnick was frequently in the chat room. I spent time in the chat room. Mike Resnick frequently made me laugh. Loudly. He had an almost sibling-like desire to tease, and he did. I was afraid of meeting real profes­sionals. Why? Because I don’t always remember how to behave. Because I say what I’m thinking far too often. FAR too often. Because I over-focus some­times and my thoughts become a runaway train and in the end the only thing I am concen­trating on is conveying … Continue reading 

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I’m answering a ques­tion that was asked on twitter that prob­ably won’t be of general interest, but, well. It’s a ques­tion about the dedi­ca­tion of Cast in Decep­tion. Over on Twitter: @msagara Hey, a few years ago a few of my friends and I turned up in the special thanks section of your novel “Cast in Decep­tion*”. We were really excited about the shout out but I’m wondering, why did we turn up there exactly? The answer is a tiny bit circuitous — which is to say, this won’t seem like an answer until closer to the end. * PART ONE My house­hold is basi­cally a geek house­hold — a house full of people who drift from one end of the over-focused spec­trum to the other (can walk into moving cars … Continue reading 

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Today, the third of the Sun Sword books is now avail­able in audio­book. The narrator is Eva Wilhelm — who thus far has narrated all of the West audio­books. November – and the latter half of October – were about dead­lines. Well, dead­line. I have finished the first Severn book, The Emper­or’s Wolves, and turned it in to Mira. (At this point, it will be sent to my editor, who will edit and ask for revi­sions that will add clarity to the book, because some­times (still), the things that are on the inside of my head have failed to reach the page.) I am working on the next West novel, and will start working on the next Cast novel. And also, I have page proofs for the mass-market edition of First­born, … Continue reading 

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Tantor Media has just released The Uncrowned King, the second book of the Sun Sword series, in audio, narrated by Eva Wilhelm, the narrator for the House War series. As you can see, they’re using a different cover for the audio­book, (they’re using a different cover for Broken Crown as well, but I kind of missed that one >.>). In other news, I am going on a desper­ately needed writing retreat (dead­lines), but will be back for Can*Con in Ottawa. This is very last minute for me because I wasn’t certain I could make it, so I don’t have a schedule that I can post. I will post a schedule if it arrives before I get back from writing, but I’ll prob­ably be a little bit scarce until then.    

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July was a month of revi­sions, book review column and cover copy. But: revi­sions for Cast in Wisdom are done, and I am once again rereading all of the words for the unfin­ished books that I didn’t touch while revising (revi­sion being an entirely sepa­rate part of my brain than creating). There was a lot of cursing #pastme. I am going to the Worldcon in Dublin this year, which is just over two weeks away. So I’m desper­ately trying to get as many words as possible before then. Below is my current schedule — I think loca­tions are subject to change, but not times. Kaffeeklatsch: Michelle Sagara Format: Kaffeeklatsch 15 Aug 2019, Thursday 17:00 — 17:50, Level 3 Foyer (KK/LB) (CCD) Stroll with the stars: Friday Format: Stroll 16 Aug 2019, … Continue reading