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… And here’s another one. In multiple parts. But first, the back­ground. I will try to keep it short. (Yes, and I orig­i­nally thought the Sun Sword was going to be two books…) A graphic designer I know is between clients, and she is doing covers for my short stories. If I haven’t mentioned this yet, I intend to bring them all out in ebooks as singles, with the first six being the West stories related to the West novels. (I also intend to bring out the six as a single, unified collec­tion, in both a print-on-demand large format paper­back and an ebook. If there is enough demand for it, I will also gather the stories and offer them in print-on-demand collec­tions as well, word­count permit­ting.) I asked for … Continue reading 

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Else­where on this site, I’ve mentioned my inten­tion to self-publish (re-publish?) the Essalieyan short stories that have appeared in various antholo­gies. When I said this, I knew very little about the entire process, but assumed that the text would be the most time-consuming part of it. As it turns out, this was not entirely accu­rate. Every­thing else is also time-consuming. A reader of this blog offered to deal with one of the things I most dreaded: comparing text to the print book for differ­ences, and catching those errors in the text he himself inputed, line by line. When the text comes back to me, I have two proof-readers (not including myself) who will then read it in printed form, to catch anything that he … Continue reading 

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Aaron asked, in the previous thread: A bit off topic, but you don’t have a general “contact the author” web submis­sion page and this may be better suited for your LJ: Actu­ally, before I get to the ques­tion, let me quickly say this: If you have a ques­tion that I think I can answer, you can leave it in a comment thread, or you can email me at Michelle.​Sagara@​sff.​net. Actu­ally, even if I can’t answer it, you can do either, but it’s less produc­tive. I won’t answer ques­tions about future devel­op­ments unless the ques­tion is really, really general (e.g. Will there be more about dragons? (Yes)), because some readers are very spoiler-averse. I’m person­ally not one of them, but I try to respect that reading choice (and it drives … Continue reading