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I just received email from Audible​.com, and I’m posting to share it. The publi­ca­tion date for the audio­book of Oracle is June 23rd. I’m sorry that it wasn’t published simul­ta­ne­ously with the hard­cover release — that was prob­ably my fault. The revi­sion process was more compli­cated than usual, and it took longer =/. Infor­ma­tion can be found here. You can also pre-order at the link. The narrator is Eva Wilhelm (who also narrated all of the previous books in the series).

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Actu­ally, let me start with the news first: Mira has bought two more Cast novels! I only have a tenta­tive title for one: Cast in Flight. Which is all I’ll say about it until after Cast in Honor is published. — — — Here is the cover for Cast in Honor, by the inim­itable Shane Reben­schied. I love this cover. I mean, I love love LOVE it. I try not to tease about covers or things I can’t share yet — but even I had to mention it when I first saw it because there’s only so many times you can bounce up and down in your house­hold before all of your family starts avoiding you. No, I did not count the exact number of times — I wasn’t thinking Science at the time :).

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It’s May the 5th. May 5th this year is release day (some­times called ‘book birthday’ on the internet) for Oracle. I know that a few of you have already found the book in the wild; when I went into the book­store on Saturday, I found it :D. This year, for the first time, the ebook for people who are not living in North America is also avail­able. Or will be, within the next few hours (it has gone live on Kobo, which usually takes longer, but not yet live on Amazon or iTunes). In fact, all of The House War books that currently exist are now avail­able as ebooks for people who live outside of North America. They are not avail­able on Smash­words, … Continue reading