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Monthly Archives: October 2012

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I have mentioned else­where that I’m more than a bit behind, and I’ve been working steadily in the hopes of digging myself out. I love writing. I love being able to write for a living. But writing is an inher­ently creative process; it’s an art. Being able to write for a living neces­si­tates the melding of the creative art with profes­sional neces­si­ties, and some­times, they don’t co-exist in an entirely optimal way. I am a big, big believer in the butt-in-chair school of writing, but I’m also aware that some­times the fifty thou­sand words I’ve just written do not work. I try not to consider them lost time — but the truth is, they are. When I reach a point where the words do not work for me, I have no sunk … Continue reading