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No pictures this time. I don’t have a camera. My husband has the scanner (at his office). I’m about halfway through House Name, which is the tenta­tive title for the second book of House War. I’m laying out back­ground infor­ma­tion for Cast in Silence, the fifth Cast novel. My job for next week is to read through a couple of stories, and then read through chapter one of every­thing I have in an elec­tronic format (which, unfor­tu­nately, doesn’t actu­ally include any of the Sundered books because I had those backups on flop­pies and they were unread­able many years later =/. But I hope to clean up the mistakes that weren’t copy-edited out of exis­tence in the finished books, and then to have first chap­ters avail­able here for … Continue reading