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Monthly Archives: May 2016

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I appear to have missed April. April was Cast in Flight revi­sions and taxes. And visi­tors. On May 3rd, the mass market paper­back of Oracle was released. I appear to have missed May 3rd. This is going to be a theme =(. I am almost finished Grave revi­sions. Grave is a February 2017 title. May has been, and will be all Grave, and a little bit of War. Because Grave is a book I started four times before I could actu­ally finish it, there’s the assorted stresses and knee-jerk reac­tions, which makes this revi­sion harder than most of my revi­sions. But: I am working, I am writing, and I am trying, desper­ately, to catch up. Which is also, sadly, one of my life themes. I hope everyone who cele­brates had a terrific Mother’s Day!