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The Australian branch of Harlequin/Mira has confirmed that as of now, the book has been cleared for publi­ca­tion. It will take the usual time to prop­a­gate from upload to consumer ready — 24 – 48 hours — and then it will be avail­able. We’re working to make sure this doesn’t happen again in future, not only because it’s frus­trating for you, but also because I (me, Michelle) feel enor­mously guilty doing book birthday posts when — yes — the book is not avail­able to everyone who can read the post. 

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It’s pub day for Cast in Oblivion. Print books are in stores in North America – and prob­ably in specialty SF/F stores in the UK and Australia. The audio­books appear to be avail­able every­where. The ebooks appear to be avail­able every­where but Australia/NZ. Anything that can be done from here is being done — I’m really, really sorry because I honestly love my Australian fans T_T. To cele­brate this, I have commis­sioned a map. If you look at the menu bar, there’s a new tab, MAPS, and the drop down has the map for the City of Elantra, done by Mati Demers. (Where by cele­brate, I mean that I real­ized I actu­ally needed a bit of a visual guide after all this time, because I am terrible at mapping, and at reading maps. I am one of … Continue reading 

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My server-host has taken a job at Word­Press. Which means he can’t main­tain or work on private servers. Which means my web-site has been migrated to a different server (press​able​.com, for those who are curious). Press­able handles Word­Press installs. It doesn’t handle forum soft­ware that isn’t a Word­Press plugin. Through no fault of anyone’s but me, I don’t think the forums actu­ally worked; I thought I would be able to spend more time (like, say, old Live­journal time) in the forums, but in the end I couldn’t. Which means the forums are now gone. In future, I will go back to the older model: I’ll make a post about each novel some­time after the publi­ca­tion day, which will be heavily SPOILER marked, for people who want to talk about … Continue reading 

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  It’s 2019. I hope the close of 2018 was peaceful and warm. For my part, it was. I also make no New Year’s Reso­lu­tions this year for a change of pace. This is different from making reso­lu­tions which are … not so resolute by about April >.>. I actu­ally took time off for the holi­days, where “time off” = looking for appli­ances to replace our failing appli­ances. And hectic Christmas shop­ping. But we had a lovely Christmas, and both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day, so I am not complaining. Much. If the dish­washer had ears, on the other hand… I am, of course, still writing — but copy-edits ate much of December, and I was sick in bed for 3 days (which I don’t recom­mend when one has just managed to get … Continue reading