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A while ago, I said I would discuss Touch, and why it was the book from hell, for me. So, this is that post, and if you are not inter­ested in the nuts and bolts of it, I urge you to close the browser window, because: long. —— I don’t talk as much about the process of writing here as I do in real life. I don’t think it would be possible — I think my fingers would fall off first. But in part I don’t write about it often because I am very, very aware that no two writers work the same way. Ever. Even when I’m talking with another writer and we’re using the same process words, we’re not actu­ally using them in the same way. I don’t want people who … Continue reading 

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So… thanks to the modern miracle of Junk folders, I did not actu­ally see the go ahead to post my cover until today. Since I have been sitting on this cover for a month or two (it feels like TWO YEARS), I was surprised to hear that the cover had gone live on Amazon​.com. I emailed my editor to ask if I could post the pre-pub version that I had, since it was live on Amazon​.com, and she said…We sent you the cover link, because I was CCed on it. But, politely. And…she was right. So I have been waiting an extra four unnec­es­sary days T.T. But, in the theory that late is better than never: Cast in Flame. This is the cover that I went to the photo shoot for. … Continue reading