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Taxes. Because I’m Cana­dian, taxes are due on the 30th of April. Except, appar­ently, for this year. A proof-reading error caused an offi­cial govern­ment docu­ment to be released with a due date of May the 5th — the same day as Oracle is released. The minister decided that that error was now the offi­cial due date for 2015. That said, I spent all day yesterday surrounded by piles of unlogged paper. I will spend all day today surrounded by slightly smaller piles, and prob­ably tomorrow as well. Yes, that is the sound of Michelle tears. I have done no actual new writing this month. I had hoped to be back to Grave, but return to Grave caused revi­sions of Grave. And loss of hair, due to pulling-by-me.  But… … Continue reading 

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March and April were very trying months. Not just because of the endless snow, but because, having finished Cast in Honor, I then had to go back and revise for length. (Yes, yes, I know this will not shock anyone — but it’s easily the longest of the books to date. It’s like I’m getting worse at the whole length thing, not better). The upside, for a variety of up that made me pull out half my hair, is that I actu­ally have a chunk of cut stuff that reads more or less contin­u­ously, which I will post much closer to the book’s pub date. And I am just getting back to Grave, and in theory, it’s another 10 – 20k words to the end, but it’s been just long enough that … Continue reading