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I first “met” Mike Resnick through the long defunct GEnie. I had written a novel. I had, after revi­sions, sold it. I joined SFWA, and because I was a member of SFWA, I was given access to the SFWA RT. A chat room was attached to it, and Mike Resnick was frequently in the chat room. I spent time in the chat room. Mike Resnick frequently made me laugh. Loudly. He had an almost sibling-like desire to tease, and he did. I was afraid of meeting real profes­sionals. Why? Because I don’t always remember how to behave. Because I say what I’m thinking far too often. FAR too often. Because I over-focus some­times and my thoughts become a runaway train and in the end the only thing I am concen­trating on is conveying … Continue reading