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This is the cover for the forthcoming Cast in Fury, an October 2008 release from Luna Books. The cover itself came in the mail with the line-edits/copy-edits for, oddly enough, the same book, and I’ve been reading those. Which made me think of the stages of a book. Because I have a severe sensitivity to outlines, I will do almost anything to avoid writing them. This would include writing the whole book first. Because all writers work in their own unique ways, this isn’t meant to be prescriptive, and it’s not meant to offer advice; it’s just a statement of what I do. So… in my case, I basically sit down, over a period of several months, and write the … Continue reading 

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I often post miscellaneous bits and pieces about writing, or at least my thoughts on the process, at my livejournal, I can cross-post those here if people are more comfortable asking questions here, and if you have an opinion about that, either way, please let me know. I mostly wanted to move the bibliography to someplace it was easier for me to update because I am utterly hopeless at site updating without some sort of easily accessed gui. Which WordPress does have. Does it work? Well, no; for some reason it immediately destroys all line-breaks, which makes formatting anything that isn’t straight text a touch difficult. It’s a total pain. But in theory I can update more frequently. Of … Continue reading