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I mentioned in my previous post that I had the full cover for the upcoming Cast in Conflict. I didn’t forget the cover — I did forget that I work at the store on Saturday (it’s curb-side only, but the books don’t get to the curb on their own yet). But it’s not too late. Here’s the full cover :). (I tend to post the full cover because often the front cover is out in the world before I get copies I can share, so everyone will have seen that already.) I like it. It’s a very different type treat­ment, and I’m curious to know whether or not people will see and iden­tify it as a Cast novel. The artist is Shane Reben­schied, and the art director, Kath­leen Oudit. Kath­leen lives in Toronto, as I do, … Continue reading 

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I’m sorry I’ve been so absent in the past few months, but we are all in good health, and although the covid numbers in my neck of the woods have risen sharply — thanks in large part to the UK strain — we have managed to avoid it so far. My parents, my husband’s parents, and my husband have all received their first vacci­na­tion shots, but in Ontario, second shots are months off at the moment. This is prob­ably going to be a bit rambling, so the TL;DR is: still mostly healthy, still writing, still strug­gling a bit with the West novel, where by a bit I mean: pulling all my hair out. *** Part of the reason I have been other­wise absent on social media is the writing. I’d reached … Continue reading