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It’s that time again. Release day approaches, and readers begin to look at the empty spaces on my web-site for some signs that the author (that would be me) is even aware that her new novel is about to be released. (And to be fair, when things are hectic, I often forget just how close release day is because I finished the book in ques­tion many months prior, and the book ahead of it is demanding all of my atten­tion. Or giving me ulcers.) So: I have Chapter one of Cast in Sorrow for you!

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I seldom post about the Hugo ballot. This year, however, there’s one cate­gory that’s very rele­vant to almost two decades of my writing. I want to say a few words about one of the nomi­nees for Best Profes­sional Editor, Long form. That nominee is Sheila Gilbert, of DAW books. She’s been my editor at DAW since 1994. 1995 saw the publi­ca­tion of Hunter’s Oath, but of course she purchased the rights to that book prior to the publi­ca­tion. She read it, she made sugges­tions, and she offered me my first DAW contract. Hunter’s Death followed in 1996. And then I had the choice of starting some­thing entirely new, or contin­uing in the same universe. Sheila and I talked about it a number of times, and we … Continue reading 

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The writer’s brain is melting. This will not come as a surprise to anyone who lives in and around Ontario; it’s been record temper­a­ture hot. I spent longer than I had antic­i­pated in revi­sions on Touch, the second book in the Queen of the Dead trilogy. It’s gone back to my publisher, and the publi­ca­tion date is January, 2014. However, it’s a move in the schedule; it’s the time at which my Michelle West novels have been published for the last few years. And War is not finished. It’s not really close to being finished. I’m sorry =/. I lost more months that I can bear to count on Touch, ironic given that it’s the shortest book I will publish all year. In terms of raw words, … Continue reading