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Monthly Archives: May 2017

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This is a bit late. Again. But at least it’s in the right month… The first half of May was Michelle revising first draft of Cast in Decep­tion (as noted below, I messed up the title because, umm, it’s not War >.<). so it could become submis­sion draft. This took a bit longer than I had orig­i­nally planned. The second half of May was War and the start of the as yet unnamed Severn story. But mostly, it was War. Which is not finished yet. I’ve mentioned that I work on two different books simul­ta­ne­ously until I reach the end of one of them, at which point, I don’t have the mental space for anything but the book that is ending. It’s just that the ending of War is longer … Continue reading 

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April’s end was all about taxes. Taxes, taxes, more taxes. I filed my fiscal 2016 taxes on the 29th of April (due 30th). Yesterday I filed my HST 2016 report (due June/2017), and I am offi­cially done with taxes until the same time next year. Before taxes consumed four days of my life, I finished Cast in Decep­tion. HOWEVER… when I say I’m finished, what it means is, I’ve figu­ra­tively typed “the end”. I have gone from page one to page 500+. When my editor says I’m finished, it means an entirely different thing. When I say I submitted Cast in Decep­tion (which has not happened yet), it means that, having typed “the end”, I have started at the begin­ning again. I have revised the first draft, and in theory caught … Continue reading