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Here it is: the cover for Firstborn. Art by Jody Lee. I don’t have the cover flat, so I don’t have the text/blurb yet; I think the amazon text is actually catalogue copy (the thing that gets shown to booksellers). It’s Carver! Okay, now I’m going back to copy-edits T_T.  

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This is technically the November edition, but I have been neck-deep in page proofs for Firstborn. Which were due today. November was actually a really productive writing month (until page proofs). I found the beginning of The Black Gauntlet, title entirely tentative, and have one prologue and three chapters. I have more of the Severn book, but some changes from novella structure were necessary. Not as many as I was afraid there would be–but to be fair, I was afraid I would have to ditch all 30k words, so. I have copy-edits for War incoming today, which will eat some writing time – but War is a June title. So: February 2019 and June 2019 for Firstborn and War. I … Continue reading