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On May 5th, 2012, I will be setting aside my bookseller hat at Bakka-Phoenix books in Toronto, and donning the slightly more nervous author hat, from 3-5 p.m., where I will be signing my upcoming novel, Silence. Come and keep me company! There will be food, non-alchoholic beverages, and books, and me in my mostly native setting.   ETA: One of the best things about a post like this is discovering where other people are reading from. Even if they can’t come to see me :).

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I’m asked, semi-frequently, to join Goodreads. I actually started this post as part of a FAQ I’m working on, but then it got too long to be useful there. (I know this will come as a huge shock to all of you.) So! Here it is. I haven’t joined Goodreads, yet. This is not because I don’t read – I do – or because I don’t want to interact with my readers – I do, obviously, which is why I have this website, my Facebook page, my Twitter feed and hopefully, if I can figure it out, my Tumblr. (There’s an “Ask me anything” link at both the top and the bottom of the Tumblr page, and it sends the … Continue reading 

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This is my new home on the web. It has, among other things, a home page – which is largely meant for people who surf by and want information, rather than interaction. I couldn’t actually figure out how to transfer the blog subscriber list from the blog to this one, so if you want to continue to get email alerts when a new post goes up, you’ll need to subscribe here. I have a new Facebook page – which is on the sidebar. I have a Tumblr account which I’ve never really used, and I’m considering using it for questions & answers – as in, I’ll answer questions there if they’re asked. I’ll also continue to answer questions here. … Continue reading 

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Writing was severely truncated for about ten days while I and a strep bug had a heated battle over who was in charge of my throat and ears. I won. I fell behind in, oh, everything, while I was sick. I have an on-sale date for Cast in Peril, as the sell sheets arrived at the store while I was sick. The date is September 25, 2012. I’m waiting copy-edits and line-edits, but for the moment, the book is out of my hands. Touch, the sequel to Silence, is possibly the most difficult book I’ve ever attempted to write, which, given Silence was one of the easiest, is responsible for the loss of great clods of hair. Sometimes books surprise … Continue reading