Michelle is an author, bookseller, and lover of literature based in Toronto. She writes fantasy novels as both Michelle Sagara and Michelle West (and sometimes as Michelle Sagara West). You can find her books at fine booksellers.

Cast in Oblivion

Chronicles of Elantra 14
by Michelle Sagara

POLITICS ARE HELL Kaylin wasn’t sent to the West March to start a war. Her mission to bring back nine Barrani might do just that, though. She traveled with a Dragon, and her presence is perceived as an act of aggression in the extremely hostile world of Barrani-Dragon politics. Internal...

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    • Cast in Oblivion, Chapter One

        It’s 2019. I hope the close of 2018 was peaceful and warm. For my part, it was. I also make no New Year’s Resolutions this year for a change of pace. This is different from making resolutions which are … not so resolute by about April >.>. I actually took (Read more...)

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    • Worldcon 2014 schedule

      My Loncon3 (Worldcon 2014) schedule: How Does Bookselling Shape the Genre We See? Friday 11:00 – 12:00, Capital Suite 2 This panel will explore how bookselling works, and how it’s changed over the past decade. How do booksellers and publishers interact, and what information do they use to choose what (Read more...)