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This is a little bit late in the day, and I apol­o­gize for that, but: it’s November 28th, 2023, and that is publi­ca­tion day for Shards of Glass. For some reason – not, clearly, one set in consen­sual reality – I thought today was the 27th. So tomorrow would be the 28th. …and books are released on Tues­days, which this is >.<. Shards of Glass is the first book set in the Acad­emia that the former Arkon claimed as his hoard. New faces and old occupy the Acad­emia, but the Acad­emia is older – by far – than the fledg­ling Empire in which Elantra is set. Robin, kidnapped from the streets of the poorest of neigh­bor­hoods in Elantra, was an invol­un­tary student, but he learned to love the learning elements of his captivity. And the food … Continue reading 

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I have been focused on the very very very many mistakes I have made while trying to be a publisher, and my attempt to juggle has been less than perfectly successful. However, Mira has not, in fact, made a mess of publi­ca­tion and publi­ca­tion sched­uling, and Shards of Glass will be avail­able every­where one would usually expect a book to be avail­able by, oh, its publi­ca­tion date! Shards of Glass has a publi­ca­tion date of the 29th of November, so I’m a touch behind in getting the first chapter out for people who like tormenting them­selves by reading sample chap­ters when chapter two is a month away >.> The preview chapter is here. My publisher is also running a goodreads give­away.  The give­away runs from today (1st of November) to the 13th … Continue reading