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Monthly Archives: December 2013

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I have revised and submitted Cast in Flame. It’s going two places: the first, to my editor at HLQ. (She already has it). The second, to Patrick Roth­fuss’ World­builders fundraiser. Yes, I am sending a copy of the submis­sion manu­script for a book that won’t see print until the end of July, 2014, to Worldbuilder’s. It’s not there yet. I had to have it printed, and then had to change the printing so it was two sides of a page so I could have it spiral bound. I will post again when the auction goes live. I have written a bunch of Oracle words — but the book isn’t done yet. And I have been working on The Hidden City, City of Night, and House Name for the non-North Amer­ican ebook market. I promised else­where … Continue reading 

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This was supposed to be a post at the end of November, but November kind of got away from me, in the sense that a book was due at the end of it and it was not finished yet. But it is now December, and the book is finished, so I am allowed to post. Or sleep. Or both, although it’s harder to watch what I say when I’m sleeping. I am behind on email. I am behind on tumblr. I am behind on face­book. I will be behind on twitter as of tomorrow. I am about a week’s worth of words behind on Oracle. But: I am finished Cast in Flame. November was largely one small first world crisis after another (things like: washing machine dying), with writing wedged in … Continue reading