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I promise I will go back to more specific writing related posts (which are less frequent), after this post. I used to keep all of my notes in Claire Fontaine note­books — the ones with graph paper pages, instead of lined or blank ones. I fell out of this habit when I got my Newton MessagePad 2000 (later upgraded to 2100), because there is still no device that’s better for hand­written input. Except for the afore­men­tioned note­books, of course. When I wrote, before I had luggable computers, I sat in front of an IBM selec­tric. So I had note­books and multiple different pens. I did love computers and word proces­sors when they finally arrived in my life, though. I loved that I couldn’t run out of paper, that I didn’t need to change ribbons, … Continue reading 

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Because I have page proofs and I cannot stand to look for any more errors at this time of night, I thought I would take a few minutes to talk about the tools of my trade. I use a Macbook Pro as my main writing machine. This is not a reli­gious stance; I have a PC (an Asus), on which I play games. I fully believe that a writer is more than the sum of his or her tools, and that each of us should work on what­ever plat­form we find most comfort­able. This is my way of saying that if the comments descend into plat­form wars, I will moderate with the world’s heav­iest hand, possibly because I have read it so many times and there is nothing new. On the other hand, if anyone … Continue reading 

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I’ve been absent, and mostly quiet. I noticed this year that I am almost always absent during the early months of the year, and usually for at least the last one; I’m not sure if this is in response to the less­ening of the sunlight, because I’ve never actu­ally valued sunlight all that much. I have been working, though. I’ve just finished the last-but-one stage of Cast in Ruin, which is a review of the copy-edited manu­script; the last stage is the review of the Harle­quin version of page proofs, which shouldn’t be for a month or two. I’m working on final revi­sions of Skir­mish now. I also real­ized that the 50,000 words of Touch as it existed weren’t the right 50,000 words (the short version: at 50k words, I suddenly … Continue reading