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In the Touch thread, Hanneke asked a ques­tion which I’d like to answer here: I’ve been looking for it on Kobo every few days, and it hasn’t shown up yet, two-and-a-half weeks after publi­ca­tion day. Should I prac­tise my patience a bit longer, or is this long enough to guess that someone at the publisher forgot to tick the ‘avail­able to buy in the rest of the world’-box at distri­b­u­tion, or forgot to send it to Kobo, and send them an e‑mail? If so, do you happen to have a name or an e‑mail address for the publisher, where I could send my ques­tion? The short answer is: No. If you picked up Silence from Kobo, and you do not live in North America, or … Continue reading 

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In theory, release day for Touch was the 7th of January. I say in theory because this only applies if you are not North of the border. We still don’t have copies at the store. But! The book has begun to make its appear­ances on book­shelves in the wild! So I am posting this a little bit late >.>. Touch is avail­able. I’ve added links for the audio­book and the ebook (the inac­tive links are Kobo and Google, but I’m certain it will prop­a­gate out to both). In a week or so, I’ll post a more active spoiler thread — but this isn’t it :). Someone on face­book (whose name is Joey) posted pictures of Touch. I actu­ally haven’t seen the finished book yet (I may have mentioned that it hasn’t arrived … Continue reading 

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In the FAQ comments — which I’ve turned off because I didn’t realize that I was getting comments there, and of course, since I was unaware, I’ve been ignoring them — there was one I would like to address a bit more publicly (I’ve addressed it in email, because the reader was kind enough to send email via the contact form when I failed to answer a comment I didn’t actu­ally see). Do you have a place where you accept dona­tions to the author? I tend to read books from the library or buy them used, which means that authors don’t receive addi­tional royal­ties when I read their works. I like to make dona­tions directly to the authors whose work I most enjoy, as a “thank you” and as a “please keep writing!”. I’d rather donate the retail … Continue reading 

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Today, the Worldbuilder’s auction that includes Cast in Flame went live on ebay. I am going to quote what I sent with the manu­script itself. When World­builders came around this year (2013), and Pat sent email inviting dona­tions and contri­bu­tions for his annual drive, I had my usual reac­tion: I looked at what everyone else was contributing, and felt inad­e­quate. (Because: writer. Everyone else’s ideas always look exciting or inter­esting or orig­inal because they haven’t been living in my head for years.) But this year I had an idea. I mean, I had several, but this partic­ular idea did not imme­di­ately strike me as feeble or unin­ter­esting. (See: writer, above). I was, when I received the email, almost finished Cast in Flame, the 10th in an ongoing series of … Continue reading 

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Touch is coming out this month, and I haven’t posted the sample chapter yet. In fact, I don’t think I’ve posted the cover. I was kind of caught up in writing with nose-to-grind­­s­tone (which should produce sharp noses, but, well, mine still only barely holds my glasses up). So: I have a cover image to show you. The artist is Cliff Nielsen, who was respon­sible for the cover of Silence. And I also have the prologue and the first chapter. (I read the prologue at Worldcon; it was consid­ered depressing. Which, yes, it sort of is. It’s Nathan. Chapter one, however, is less so. So have both.) Touch preview. In a couple of months after Touch is published, I’ll have a spoiler heavy post about process and the writing of this book, … Continue reading