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It’s been three and three quarter years since the publi­ca­tion of Oracle, the sixth book in The House War series in hard­cover. Today, on February 19, 2019, book seven, First­born, has been released into the wild, dressed to go out in style in a cover by Jody Lee. It is avail­able in audio­book format from audible​.com (appar­ently an audible​.com exclu­sive, judging by the banner across the cover). It is avail­able in hard­cover and as an ebook. (It is avail­able as an ebook in Australia.) I am both excited and nervous.

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I know that First­born hasn’t yet been released — less than a week to go! — but I really had to share this. I love this cover. I love the art. Jody Lee did this before the cover for First­born, because she had the whole messy book from which to work. And when we decided to split the book, she had to come up with a cover for First­born because this cover would not work for First­born; it’s the end of book/series cover. I love it, did I mention? ETA: WAR is, according to the internet, coming on 18 June, 2019. In miscel­la­neous things I don’t love: the dentist. I mean, my dentist is a lovely man, and I’ve been going to his office since I was six — but today, I will be going … Continue reading 

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ETA: First­born will be avail­able in ebook and hard­cover on the 19th of February, 2019. This is a hectic release month, the first time I have ever had two books published at essen­tially the same time. No, this was not partic­u­larly smart on my part, but I didn’t want to push either book back a month. It’s been three and three quarter years since the last West novel was published, and in the main, as a reader, I don’t care if two books I want are published in the same month. My pock­et­book might whine a little, but I am gleeful, because that’s just the way I am as a reader. Of other people’s books. Most authors can’t read their own books as if they’re readers, sadly. I posted the prologue … Continue reading