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There is book news: I now have real, live copies of  Cast in Silence beside my computer. I really like the cover, although it’s changed just a little bit since I posted the cover-flats a while ago. These copies, which are author’s copies, are usually shipped at the same time as review copies of the real book, as opposed to ARCs (Advance Review Copy) which are bound and shipped much earlier. I never see ARCs for any of these, so my first encounter with a book is either on the shelves of the book­store in which I work, or as author’s copies. Some­times I get my author’s copies after ever living person who has any desire to see the book gets a chance to buy one first, and some­times I get … Continue reading 

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For those of you who live in, or around, Toronto, I’ll be attending Polaris 23, which will be held between July 10th and 12th this year. I haven’t got a full list of panels yet, but hope­fully I’ll be able to post a list closer to the date. Hope to see you there, Michelle

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I wanted to thank the people who’ve taken the time to visit and comment here in the last couple of weeks. I have had one younger child birthday party, one twen­tieth wedding anniver­sary gath­ering (mine), and older child exams (which, to be fair, are mostly my long-suffering husband’s task), so I’ve been absent from almost anything but writing. I have, however, been writing. I’m halfway through Cast in Chaos. A small change seems to have been made to the cover of Cast in Silence on Amazon​.com. I sent the entire manu­script for City of Night to my editor at DAW about five minutes ago. I tried to send it six minutes ago, and real­ized that it’s very helpful to actu­ally attach the file. I … Continue reading