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Aaron asked, in the previous thread: A bit off topic, but you don’t have a general “contact the author” web submis­sion page and this may be better suited for your LJ: Actu­ally, before I get to the ques­tion, let me quickly say this: If you have a ques­tion that I think I can answer, you can leave it in a comment thread, or you can email me at Michelle.​Sagara@​sff.​net. Actu­ally, even if I can’t answer it, you can do either, but it’s less produc­tive. I won’t answer ques­tions about future devel­op­ments unless the ques­tion is really, really general (e.g. Will there be more about dragons? (Yes)), because some readers are very spoiler-averse. I’m person­ally not one of them, but I try to respect that reading choice (and it drives … Continue reading 

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Because I have page proofs and I cannot stand to look for any more errors at this time of night, I thought I would take a few minutes to talk about the tools of my trade. I use a Macbook Pro as my main writing machine. This is not a reli­gious stance; I have a PC (an Asus), on which I play games. I fully believe that a writer is more than the sum of his or her tools, and that each of us should work on what­ever plat­form we find most comfort­able. This is my way of saying that if the comments descend into plat­form wars, I will moderate with the world’s heav­iest hand, possibly because I have read it so many times and there is nothing new. On the other hand, if anyone … Continue reading 

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I have finished proofing, and sent off the AA (Author’s Approval) manu­script for Cast in Fury. This is liter­ally the last thing I have to do, pre-publi­­ca­­tion, for Cast in Fury, and it is now out of my hands until it shows up in stores (and in my front hall, in a box, which I will stub my toes on and trip over until I move it). So that’s done, or as done as I can make it. I’ve tied up the two long arcs that started in Hidden City, on the way to Terafin. I’m almost finished the optional project which I started in April.

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No pictures this time. I don’t have a camera. My husband has the scanner (at his office). I’m about halfway through House Name, which is the tenta­tive title for the second book of House War. I’m laying out back­ground infor­ma­tion for Cast in Silence, the fifth Cast novel. My job for next week is to read through a couple of stories, and then read through chapter one of every­thing I have in an elec­tronic format (which, unfor­tu­nately, doesn’t actu­ally include any of the Sundered books because I had those backups on flop­pies and they were unread­able many years later =/. But I hope to clean up the mistakes that weren’t copy-edited out of exis­tence in the finished books, and then to have first chap­ters avail­able here for … Continue reading 

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This is the cover for the forth­coming Cast in Fury, an October 2008 release from Luna Books. The cover itself came in the mail with the line-edit­s/­­copy-edits for, oddly enough, the same book, and I’ve been reading those. Which made me think of the stages of a book. Because I have a severe sensi­tivity to outlines, I will do almost anything to avoid writing them. This would include writing the whole book first. Because all writers work in their own unique ways, this isn’t meant to be prescrip­tive, and it’s not meant to offer advice; it’s just a state­ment of what I do. So… in my case, I basi­cally sit down, over a period of several months, and write the book. This would include all the hair-pulling, … Continue reading