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Writing progress, and update

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No pictures this time. I don’t have a camera. My husband has the scanner (at his office).

I’m about halfway through House Name, which is the tenta­tive title for the second book of House War.

I’m laying out back­ground infor­ma­tion for Cast in Silence, the fifth Cast novel.

My job for next week is to read through a couple of stories, and then read through chapter one of every­thing I have in an elec­tronic format (which, unfor­tu­nately, doesn’t actu­ally include any of the Sundered books because I had those backups on flop­pies and they were unread­able many years later =/. But I hope to clean up the mistakes that weren’t copy-edited out of exis­tence in the finished books, and then to have first chap­ters avail­able here for down­loads, as samples of the book.

But: I added an inter­views page, and also an upcoming appear­ances page. Because they have no pictures. >.>.

All right.  Back to the book now.

11 Responses to Writing progress, and update

  1. hjbau says:

    Ah, half way through house name. Awesome. It is the tenta­tive title? I didn’t know that. I can’t wait to read it though, good luck.

  2. Michelle says:

    Ah, half way through house name. Awesome. It is the tenta­tive title? I didn’t know that. I can’t wait to read it though, good luck.

    It is, but I’m not sure it will stand; about a third of my titles don’t. I need a title in order to start a novel (I have, on the other hand, submitted stories called “Unti­tled”), but once the book is written, I’m not neces­sarily attached to the titles themselves.

    Although having said that, all of the DAW titles are my titles (the only thing I had to change was the series name for SUN SWORD, because I called it The Southern War initially, and this wasn’t consid­ered a strong enough fantasy title. Which is absolutely true.

    I did have to go back and add about eight thou­sand words of Rath, though. And I may actu­ally be over half-way done, but, ummm. It’s me.

  3. Madeleine Kenney says:

    Dear Michelle Sagara,

    Ok, first I must say that your humor in the Cast series is beyond funny. I start chuck­ling every time I read my favorite part in Cast in Fury (by the way I voted that a 5 star book). I hope you are going to put the cover of Cast in Silence on your wbsite like you did with Cast in Fury because that made the wait a lot more bear­able. Well, I don’t mean to antag­o­nize you or anything, but it is always a thrill to talk to one of my favorite authors.


  4. Dee says:

    Just finished my third read of Cast in Fury, it’s been a plea­sure. I actu­ally re-read the first three books prior to reading Cast in Fury just so I could be firmly rooted in Kaylin’s world again.

    My favourite char­acter is Lord Night­shade, you have done such a bril­liant job with him, there is a great deal more to him than the evil crime lord, in fact that could be the least part of him. Why is he margin­ally acknowl­edged by both the High Court and the Dragon Court, who was he before he took the fief, what is Erenne and what are his plans/feelings for Kaylin. Enigma wrapped in mystery, great character.

    Actu­ally I can just say great char­ac­ters all around, even the minor char­ac­ters are beau­ti­fully portrayed. I would never have guessed that the scene with Kaylin deliv­ering a Leon­tine cub would have any meaning beoynd her being late and tired, great bit of conti­nuity there.

    Thanks for the many hours of enjoy­ment so far, I will try to content myself with the current 4 books for the next year whilst waiting for Cast in Silence.

  5. Karen Marks says:

    Big Hello from Australia!

    I have recently finished the 4th book in the Cast series and I really love the majority of the characters!

    In the mean­time (waiting for 5th), a few days ago I started reading The Hidden City and I also LOVE IT! I’ve taken to carrying it around with me at home and spent a deli­cious day of loading up the washing machine and reading this book.

    I’ve realised that I will have to read the previous two series you have written in the mean­time for the 2nd book to come out. After that I guess it will be obses­sively checking your website!

    I love your work, please don’t ever stop writing.


    Karen Marks

  6. Marisa says:

    I can’t wait for the fifth Cast novel to come out. My mind has daydreamed way too much, which might mean I’ll have to write my own fan fiction book. I love Kaylin and I really like all the parts with her symbols and magic. I wonder if the Old Ones could make her immortal? Just a thought…How many are going to be in the series? I hope it never ends.

    Your fellow writer (not yet published),
    Marisa :-)

  7. Linda says:

    I loved the 4th cast book and look forward to the fifth.

    I also wonder just what else there is to Lord Night­shade and wonder what his test was to become a lord? Was Kaylin part of it? He is very protec­tive of her and toler­ates her bad manners in a way that surprises everyone…

  8. amy says:

    What exactly is Cast in Silence about? And can you please hurry with the House Name book? I loved Rath and Jewel

  9. bonnie says:

    i have pr-ordered cast in silence and am eagerly awaiting it.

  10. Barbara says:

    Just finished Cast in silence, it. was. awesome. I cant wait for cast in chaos. I work at a book­store and check the stores computer everyday to see if any cover art has been updated. Im so glad you have at least three more books in the series. Keep up the fantastic work.

  11. Jonathan Le Veille says:

    Hi, are you the Madeleine Kenney that wrote “Protector of Tran­quility”, for the one year adven­ture novel program? If so I was wondering if you had finished it yet. I have read it in the student show­case, but it wasn’t completely finished. If you have, is there any way I could read the rest of it? I really liked the story, and it was a neat idea for a story line.

    Thanks, Jonathan Le Veille

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