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I have finished proofing, and sent off the AA (Author’s Approval) manu­script for Cast in Fury. This is liter­ally the last thing I have to do, pre-publi­­ca­­tion, for Cast in Fury, and it is now out of my hands until it shows up in stores (and in my front hall, in a box, which I will stub my toes on and trip over until I move it). So that’s done, or as done as I can make it. I’ve tied up the two long arcs that started in Hidden City, on the way to Terafin. I’m almost finished the optional project which I started in April.

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The Hidden City is avail­able now.  If you’re Cana­dian, the price is 24.95, the US price (but in CDN dollars), rather than the 30.00 CDN it was solicited at.    If you’re australian, it’s avail­able at Galaxy Books. For more, because it has to fly half-way across the world.    The Hidden City is the first book in the House War series.  It’s actu­ally the earliest of the novels, chrono­log­i­cally speaking, that are set in this universe.  It’s also my very first hard­cover — and the jacket is absolutely stun­ning; jpegs don’t capture the feel of it.    I am playing a bit with word­press because I’m aware that I don’t update offi­cial news very often, but the lack of <br> as a feature in editing has caused me an ulcer’s … Continue reading