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First: I mentioned else­where that I was listening to some­thing purely instru­mental. I was — I’m listening to it now. And I have a link :).‑1/and-then-the-world-drew-breath It was composed by my oldest son. *** A couple of people asked me if I have any hobbies. If I had been asked this ques­tion thirty years ago, I could have said: writing. Writing is my hobby. In some fashion, it still is, but it’s also my job, and that changes the role a hobby has in one’s life. The idea is: if you turn your hobby into your career you will then have a job into which you can pour your passion and love which would be win-win. But it’s a funda­mental struc­tural change in the role of that activity in your life. What I had to struggle … Continue reading 

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It’s Cana­dian Thanks­giving today — Amer­ican Thanks­giving is in November. But, as I’m Cana­dian, we cele­brate in October in these parts :) In between my last report and this one, I finished the page proofs for TOUCH, which is sched­uled for January, 2014, in hard­cover. I will have a cover to post very shortly, and will change the book on the front page at that time. I am now over half way through Cast in Flame, although I’m now wondering about the title, given the compli­ca­tions that have arisen from the events at the end of Cast in Sorrow. I am now over halfway (with luck!) through Oracle, which is the new title for the second last book in the House War series. So writing has actu­ally been … Continue reading 

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Two people, because of discus­sions else­where on the internet, have sent email asking me ques­tions about release weeks, and how when a reader buys a book affects me, person­ally. I thought I would take the oppor­tu­nity to answer them here. But, as usual, before I answer a ques­tion, I need to explain the context. (This might be a little on the long side — and because I want every­thing to be clear here, if anything I’ve said is confusing in any way, please ask me to clarify). First: Every­thing I am saying about release week refers to tradi­tion­ally published books, in large part because most of it relates to the sale of phys­ical books through tradi­tional outlets. Ebooks figure into the discus­sion, but not in the same way. If you haven’t heard the … Continue reading 

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Wendy Good, in the comments to the previous post, asked: How many more Cast books are you currently contracted for with Luna? Will you seek contracts for further Cast books or is that too far reaching of a ques­tion? I dare to ask because I don’t want them to end. I know all good things must even­tu­ally, but would love some reas­sur­ance regarding the next few years, if at all possible. : ) The answer was: The one I’m working on now (which is Cast in Peril). The answer is now: The one I’m working on now (which is, oddly enough, still Cast in Peril) and three more Cast novels, none of which have titles. Some of the ques­tions about various elements of possible future books — the … Continue reading 

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Thanks everyone for your input on my previous ques­tion. We (this would be the West house­hold) are going to keep the Author Name under which the stories were orig­i­nally published. I have ISBNs! I have a block of one hundred ISBNs! I’m sorry — ISBNs always make me ridicu­lously happy. It’s a quirk. Some people might notice that on Smash­words there is one Michelle West novella avail­able; this is because I wanted to make sure that the Smash­words format­ting — on my end — actu­ally works. (It does! Yay! It’s the first thing I’ve done so far that’s worked right on the first attempt). It also takes about two weeks for any Smash­words titles to prop­a­gate to their various retailer sites. Because I’m Cana­dian, there are extra tax forms that … Continue reading