State of the Author July 2018 edition

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I appear to have missed the month of June =/.

This month, I turned in Cast in Oblivion.

I have not turned in Firstborn yet, but will hopefully finish it before the end of this month; it was more complicated to split the book than I’d originally intended, and required a couple of running starts, but I am now on the (new) last chapter. I am very glad that I don’t have to worry about the length of the book, since it was the shorter half of the split. Jody Lee, the cover artist, finished the emergency Unplanned Novel cover before I finished the revision >.>. I will share when I can.

I am writing the first Severn novel next, Elantra-wise. The next Cast novel should be about Bellusdeo and the Dragon Court. In theory. Books have a way of starting where I want them to start and turning left. Rapidly. My intent is to write the Severn novel and follow it immediately with the Cast novel, so the Cast novels should continue at one book a year. I am trying to fit things around that one-book-a-year.

I will move immediately from Firstborn into War revisions–but they shouldn’t be as complicated (cue hollow laugh). Nothing that is currently being written in Firstborn should have a large effect on War, or the second half, as it currently stands. After which, I will start the Not-Yet-Named first novel of the End of Days arc, which begins in Breodanir.

It is hot in Toronto. I melt at temperatures greater than 22, and at 22 if I am not sitting still. Whining about heat has almost eclipsed whining about my own incompetence at revision.

My current reading has been Alan Garner’s non-fiction The Voice That Thunders, which has eaten parts of my brain. A collection of essays based on presentations, he talks about archaeology, myth, writing, mental illness. I’m not sure it’s for everyone, but some of what he says resonates with me. Or alternately, is very similar to what I have said about writing. Some of it, not so much, but it’s still very interesting to me.

How is summer treating everyone else?

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  1. You would melt down here in south Texas – we don’t hit 22 as our overnight lows. We’re looking at a full week in the upper 30’s (38/39).

    I’m looking forward to the next Cast novel – do you have an approximate publication date/season? (i.e., does it go on my Christmas list)

  2. Darlene says:

    Ooo…End of Days arc…I am so excited…I was feeling melancholy about the series ending and now you’ve given me something more to look forward to…I love your books

  3. E. Moody says:

    Well we’re melting down here in Florida- at a fun 88 degrees F. Plus, personally our ac went down last night keeping us at a toasty 84F all night. I am eagerly awaiting the next Elantra novel as it is my birthday present to myself every year regardless of the fact they are no longer an August release. So be well and don’t forget to take care of yourself!

  4. DeDe says:

    “but they shouldn’t be as complicated ” Embarrassed to admit that I actually snorted my coffee (again). :-) I’m one of those that loves the length of your stories. I am currently re-reading the House War & those long books make for perfect backpacking treasures. I hate the heat as well, so I’ve been heading UP in elevation – high temps of 62f (17C) Climbing/hiking – anything to get out of town.

    I’ll check out the non-fiction recommendation. Curious – have you read Far from the Tree? It really resonated with me. Now THAT is a long book, but it was such a good read that I couldn’t put it down. I just finished David Quammen’s Spillover- interesting and pretty easy to read given the topic.

  5. michelle says:

    @DeDe: I haven’t read Far From the Tree, but it looks interesting, so I’ve jotted it down. I’m not certain the Garner will work for most people, though.

    And: T_T. I’m also drinking coffee, but oddly enough, have managed not to read anything that makes me laugh while doing it. Yet.

  6. DeDe says:

    @Michelle – Try to avoid spraying onto the keyboard. Gets messy.
    sometimes when I need a good chuckle/groan I pick up my old Pratchett paperbacks.

  7. Steve says:

    Yes, the heat is becoming unbelievable. Not much different down here in Peterborough, hot as hades even by the river. Love your books, looking forward to anything you write!! (I prefer ‘doorstopper’ books myself😊) . Spending my time working, reading, and hanging out with my Loki obsessed daughter…

  8. Annette says:

    Michelle I can’t wait!! You are always brilliant and never disappoint your readers,!!

  9. michelle says:

    @DeDe: I mostly attempt to inhale and exhale it, which is painful

    @Steve: I assume by Loki you mean Hiddleston’s Loki? In which case, a) she’s right and b) you have my sympathy :)

  10. Kris says:

    So, I just fangirled incoherently at my husband after squealing in abject joy at The End of Days arc mention. For me this was the first I’ve heard of it and I’m just ecstatic. Keep on keeping on, Michelle. You’re all that is awesome. Thanks for all the work you do.

  11. Lynn krawczyk says:

    Yup super stoked here in michigan with 90+ heat and add in the endless humidity. You just gave me some much needed joy for the day and now I must introduce my daughter to this series as well.

  12. Zia says:

    Hmmm…I was so hopeful last time you posted an update that I had solved the lack of notifications problem, but it looks like I shall have to continue tweaking things as I didn’t get an email about this one.

    Anyways, I am super excited for all the books. I keep checking the calendar, but January is still not here. As for the length of all the projects you are currently working on I will also add my voice into the long is fine (actually, long is better than fine as I might actually get to read something for over 5 hours before it’s over!)

    I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with heat where you are as well, but I hope things are otherwise going well. The summer here currently is also hot and it has me reconsidering my career. I’ve been working with/volunteering with some sort of horse job for 22 years and it’s gotten to the point I’m considering something inside for the first time in my life.

    Thank you for taking the time to update us on how things are going and thank you for writing such incredible stories! I cannot wait to read them.

  13. Andrea Smith says:

    Zia, I’m having the same problem with the lack of notifications. I sent an email explaining the problem 4-5 months ago and received something back saying they were looking into it. I’ve also tried re-signing up.
    I’m looking forward to the next Cast novel and can’t wait to spend some time in the dragon court. I’m with everyone, so tired of temperatures over 100 degrees (F) and the humidity. I’ve been walking my dog 10-11pm where the temperatures drop to the mid-80’s.

  14. Peter Moore says:

    Looking forward to ALL the forthcoming content: Cast in Oblivion; the first of the Severn novels; Firstborn; War and most importantly (because it’s the story arc I have been waiting for for years) the End of Days arc. I am expecting to get as much joy from reading that story arc as I have from reading the other story arcs connected to it, from the Hunter’s duology thru The Sun Sword series and the House Wars series so far. I am really happy that End of Days is starting out in Breodanir, as I have always thought that Stephen of Maubreche and his Huntbrother (Huntsister?) Nenyane, will be pivotal characters in the End of Days arc. This news makes me want to go and re-read your wonderful novella “Huntbrother” again.
    I will have to say that eventho I live in NYC, I lucked out this summer since I was vacationing on Lake Superior, helping my sister and brother in law celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary when the first major heatwave of the summer hit NYC. There have been a few very hot days since then but fortunately for the most part they have not been strung together.
    Good luck in all your writing endeavors, and I look forward to anything and everything else you produce.

  15. hey michelle! (Biggest fan to her hero) I was wondering. The last three books (honor, flight, deception) have had to my eye very little about the relationship between lord sanabalis and his student kaylin neya. Will oblivion return to showing them interacting as teacher and student? Or will kaylin have more interaction obliquely with dariandaros than lord sanabalis or anyone else but bellusdeo?

  16. Julie says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I’m a huge fan of the Cast novels and to this day feel so blessed to have stumbled upon them by accident. Have been reading the series again and again everytime a new book is released and havent tire of them! Always looking forward to your novels!

  17. @Kris & Kelly: Thanks :). I have one massive reread and time-line logging planned between finish of WAR and start of the as yet untitled first book (and the series title will probably not be End of Days – that’s my internal title).

    @Peter: You are right; Stephen & Nenyane are two of the pivotal characters of the arc. Not the only one, but essential.

    @Kitiara: I’m sorry – Oblivion is the cohort book, so – no, not the next book. The book after should be almost all Dragon, though, if that helps >.>

    @Julie: Thank you! I am also a rereader (not so much of my own books because until I forget everything I can’t quite approach them as a reader, and I *always* find a mistake that I missed in the many iterative reads T_T).

    It’s been – or at least yesterday was – much less hot in Toronto. Note: not cool, but – at least less hot.

  18. Paula Lieberman says:

    I’ve been wondering about the Gardener of Maubreche for a long time. Before the revelation of Meralonne’s identity, I was wondering if the Gardener might be that character (I strongly suspected that Meralonnw were who he turned out to be, but the Gardener was also a possibility, as an immortal with strong magic and a warrior….)

    And what are the status of the Cities of Man and the Voyani-come-to-their-exiles’-ends (and no more Matriarchs and a return to patriarchal leadership, waaaahhhhhh!)

  19. Kitiara young says:

    @ Michelle. You are a hero just like some of my biggest inspirations growing up. As a writer and a person. Tolkien, c.s.Lewis, and anne mccaffrey being the other big inspirations besides you. I eevery month or so reread elantra and housewar. And im bummed that housewar is ending because if I had my way book series would never end and books would each be big enough to require a bookbag to carry. your blog and insights on your struggles and writing helps an aspiring author like me a ton. Im actually eager to see more of the cohort, tho id especially like to see better relationships between nightshade and his brother. I wish, that ararath of handerness in house war had not died in city of night, as he was my favorite besides jewel almost instantly. You make amazing heroines that struggle like any of us man or woman, who dreams of having the courage to chase dreams. And your characters inspire me. Especially kaylin neya. I wonder if she will attempt to follow the cohort through the test of name.

  20. @Paula: I don’t see the cities, with one exception, returning to a style of rule for which they have no metric, tbh. And that exception is, hmmm, there’s a reason for it, about which I can’t say anything else at the moment…

    @Kitiara: Thank you :). I don’t consider myself hero material, though. Mostly, on the inside of my head, I see myself as a person who can manage to tell her stories, but often with some struggle and a larger portion of stumbling than I’d like.

  21. liathano says:

    Sorry about the heat, its rainy season here in Nigeria so the weather is pretty cool. I’m excited about End Of Days beginning in Breodanir, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Maubreche gardener, is he Arianni? Will we get to see how Tor Haval rises? …much questions. much excite :D
    Let us know when you’re doing your “massive reread”, we could all do it together, as a community. That’d be nice

  22. Tracy in Texas says:

    We love your wonderful world building Michelle and the journey you wisk us away through magical lands, rich tapestry of complex characters, twists and turns in story arcs and the underlying passion and struggle that drives character choices, hearts and actions. It’s amazing how much I’ve grown and learned about life and discovered about myself and others in the pages of your novels over the past 15+ years. Can’t imagine experiencing the full vibrancy of the world without the addition of your unique hues and bold creative tones blazing across the color wheel palette of life.

    Thank you so much for the updates and trusting us to share in your creative process. You are truly a blessing us all!!!

  23. Argentum says:

    I can’t wait to return to Breodanir! Did you know the trajectory of all these arcs as you wrote the Sun Sword? Or when did you figure it out?

  24. Michelle Greiwe says:

    As a new comer to your books I have to say thank you!!! I know it’s August, but in the month of July I read 11 of the Cast books and I am reading the 12th right now! They are great, and I just can not seen to put them down! I did start to panic when I noticed that I was coming to the end, but to my relief you still have more to say. I can not wait to find out more, and the fact that you are writing separate Severn novels just makes me even happier. Thank you for creating a world that I can just get lost in.

  25. Moxie says:

    I’m so excited about a Severn novel!! I always felt like he got eclipsed a little in the Cast books.

  26. Marie Roberts says:

    I’m still waiting patiently for War. Love all your books. Read them all as for Severn I can skip him with no trouble. Sorry don’t want to offend you, but he tires me.
    Thank you again for your wonderful writings. I have reread them all a couple of times. Good night

  27. Mary Allen says:

    Today I received an e-mail from Barnes and Noble with a picture of Cast in Oblivion and a request to preorder. I thought you might like to know

  28. Omg! I can’t wait for your next book in the cast series! I just reread all of the previous books and just finished deception again! Idk what to do now because I have to wait for so many months for the next book to come out lol I just can’t seem to decide if I want Kaylin to end up with Severn or with nightshade. I go back and forth each time I reread the series 😞 I really love your books and have been reading them since high school when I came across the first one in the library!

  29. melanie says:

    I have not been getting any notifications either, very strange. i am very i checked this site. I have a fan since your first book and eagerly await the next book(s) whenever they get here. i love your books so take as long as you need, tell yourself you are an amazing writer. a girl from Texas, breathable fabric cotton & linen with fans and ac help

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