State of the Author, May 2018, plus: Reprints and Reddit AMA

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I have been writing. And revising. I am almost finished Cast in Oblivion in first draft. Almost. I am half-way through the revisions necessary to make Firstborn a book–although that’s a best guess, because it’s not as exact a metric.

Doing my taxes did not, demonstrably, kill me. I have not heard back about the Severn books, beyond yes we do want them. So: unless something changes in the future, they will happen. The minute I have certain news, I will share it.

I used to think that “still writing” was … not very much of an update. I felt a bit self-conscious about posting “still writing” news–I assumed that people would assume that I was still writing, and there was therefore nothing of substance to report to them.

But: some news.

At the end of January, Cast in Shadow and Cast in Courtlight were reprinted in trade paperback, with slightly modified covers (the biggest change was the first book’s cover).

At the end of April — yes, the one just past — the rest of the Cast novels that were not under the Mira banner were also reprinted: Cast in Secret, Cast in Fury, Cast in Silence, Cast in Chaos, Cast in Ruin, Cast in Peril, Cast in Sorrow and Cast in Flame. I’ve updated the book pages to reflect the change, and the links to the stores that still exist (ahem, Michelle) now all go to the currently in-print versions of the books.

Some of them, like Cast in Ruin have been unavailable in print for a while. So if print is important to you, they’re available now. I should have been more organized, and should have mentioned this at the time, but: taxes. Weddings. Car mishaps (which have not been fully resolved). Writing. Loss of hair due to hair-pulling at inopportune moments. The usual =/.

Last, but not least: I am going to be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit on June the 7th. People can ask questions throughout the day, once the AMA thread is up, and I will answer them. It’s not a real-time chat.

To ask a question, I think you need to have a Reddit account. I know that to answer them, I do :).

18 Responses to State of the Author, May 2018, plus: Reprints and Reddit AMA

  1. David Youngs says:

    I noticed that the local chain store has a large selection of the novels. For some reason they have Cast in Shadow on the end-cap, not the latest novel.
    Courtlight is eye-catching as the gaudiest cover. Still needs explanation that she is not taking her dress off.

  2. Giusy says:

    Michelle, sorry to bother, but sometimes I think of Kailin parents.. her mother story may appear in the Severn’s book, or not.. but what about her father?
    Sometimes I imagine him as a nobody in search of an easy company, sometimes as someone inimaginable in his power and parentage.. what idea do you have of him if you don’n mind sharing?

  3. alpikinz says:

    I am heartened to read about progress for war house series. But I am also very concerned with Jewel’s progress. Re-reading the whole series including sun sword arc, it’s very clear that Jewel’s age is on par with serra teresa and margret, and incomparison between these two other women, Jewel has been part of a ruling council for years, yet as the stories progress, I feel Jewel’s personality regressed younger.
    I feel that as two of your series running concurrently, house war series and elantra series, the female protagonist from one starts to behave as young as the other, which doesn’t make sense, considering one series is reaching its final ending in its arc while the other series is still about discovering herself.

    I hope Jewel will find her voice back away from Kaylin.

  4. Peter Moore says:

    Seriously looking forward to your AMA on Reddit. And I echo everybody else on the Severn novels. Also, one question, do you have any plans for the Essalieyan universe after “War”?

  5. Zia says:

    Thanks for the update! For some reason I am no longer getting notices when things post, but I resubscribed so hopefully that fixes things. I hope you have been well, and thank you, as always, for continuing to work on the series we love. I cannot wait for the new books!

  6. Mary Allen says:

    I just got a notice from Barnes and Noble telling me I could pre-order Cast in Oblivion with picture of cover – thought you might want to know.

  7. hanneke28 says:

    Are you still doing OK? I’m missing the monthly updates that you’re still alright, busy, working on stuff. One missed update made me hope that perhaps you were having a well-earned vacation, but two is getting a bit worrysome…

  8. Jo says:

    As Zia said, I too am no longer getting notices when you post…came by to check order list for Cast (trying to fill holes in my Cast list – from Chaos to Sorrow – left when I lent them to someone who Won’t be returning them…) and found I’d missed a few posts. Apart from Chaptigo (love that mashup from another reader!) being sold out of these online – I did notice on a trip last month that the London store has a fairly good selection of your work, better than the Newmarket one anyway.
    I’ll try to resubscribe too to see if that fixes things – but thought you might want to know that something in the chain of communication might be awry.
    While I was happy to introduce someone else to your so very fine work – is there anything more annoying than lending someone your treasured books to have them Vanish along with them? Has dampened my sense of generosity quite a bit. sigh.

  9. Mary Allen says:

    i have spare copies of Flame and Fury but live in US so mailing would probably cost what you can get them for at a book store. I lost early Jane Bentley (Jayne Anne Krentz/Jayne Castle) by loaning them and they are out of print so I understand how you feel.

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