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This was supposed to be a post at the end of November, but November kind of got away from me, in the sense that a book was due at the end of it and it was not finished yet. But it is now December, and the book is finished, so I am allowed to post. Or sleep. Or both, although it’s harder to watch what I say when I’m sleeping. I am behind on email. I am behind on tumblr. I am behind on facebook. I will be behind on twitter as of tomorrow. I am about a week’s worth of words behind on Oracle. But: I am finished Cast in Flame. November was largely one small first world crisis … Continue reading 

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It’s Canadian Thanksgiving today — American Thanksgiving is in November. But, as I’m Canadian, we celebrate in October in these parts :) In between my last report and this one, I finished the page proofs for TOUCH, which is scheduled for January, 2014, in hardcover. I will have a cover to post very shortly, and will change the book on the front page at that time. I am now over half way through Cast in Flame, although I’m now wondering about the title, given the complications that have arisen from the events at the end of Cast in Sorrow. I am now over halfway (with luck!) through Oracle, which is the new title for the second last book in the … Continue reading 

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It’s a little on the later side because I am packing for Worldcon, but Cast In Sorrow should be available in the wild, deliveries and orders willing. The ebook should be available at all ebook sellers as of today; at least one person has said their library has it. The audio book, however, is not yet available. My publisher said, in response to my panicked email, that will be releasing the book, but a bit later (in September). I’m sorry about the delay >.< (Edited to add: from Laura in comments below: The audiobook is now available.) I am actually writing this on my iPad at the bookstore, because of course the books arrived here just after I’d left … Continue reading 

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I am home. I have more or less recovered from the flight between Melbourne and Toronto (Michelle is not the world’s best traveler, for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is: when I get off the plane, the first thing I want to do is crawl into my own bed and sleep for a day.) I loved Melbourne, though. I got a lot of work done, there. I have been working on Cast in Flame. My simple “Kaylin needs to find a new apartment plot” has kind of been hit hard by two unforeseen complications. Unforeseen because I had originally thought of doing this story before Kaylin went to the West March. After the West March has … Continue reading 

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Guess what appeared in my email today? The cover(s) for Cast in Sorrow. I know many of you have already seen it on Amazon, B&N, etc., but on the off chance some of you haven’t, I’m posting it here. The full cover is actually the small file, but has the back text. The larger file is front cover only. The small file is the cover flat – which includes the spine and the back. I really like it. The art is by Shane Rebenschied, who also posted the image without text earlier on his tumblr.