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It’s the end of July, and as promised, here’s Cast in Ruin, Chapter One, which Amazon lists as a 20 September 2011 release. It’s an October title; it’s sold to stores as an October title, and the date of publi­ca­tion that I always refer­ence on my pages is the publi­ca­tion month for which the book is sold to stores. With paper books it is impos­sible to have an exact date without compli­cated legal embargos (i.e. of the type used for Harry Potter books and no one else); the Amazon date is prob­ably truer to the time at which the book will start to arrive in phys­ical book­stores (and there­fore Amazon’s phys­ical ware­house). It is also listed on the Elantra page in the … Continue reading 

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Aaron asked me earlier — while I was in bunker mode — if I’d put up a sample or teaser chapter for House Name, as it’s due out very soon. Because I’ve been late and things have been hectic, I’ve only just now managed to do this — but in compen­sa­tion (yes, sadly, I’ve been needing to use that word a lot recently), I’ve put up the prologue and the first chapter of the book. It’s on the House War page in the sidebar/bibiliography link up top. It’s only .pdf, at the moment; let me know if that’s a problem for anyone.