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I seem to have misplaced April. First: News. I have sold DAW Books the first four novels in the series that is now called The Burning Crown, but which I’ve called The End of Days arc for decades. I have no titles, but do have dead­lines — the first of which is July of 2020. That’s when it’s due to the publisher. It’s not a publi­ca­tion date >.<. This is the last arc of the Essalieyan universe. I expect it to be roughly the same as the Sun Sword in length. (Well, no, I orig­i­nally thought, it’s just these two books, right? I have endings! Greek Chorus: No, Michelle, try to be real­istic for once. You thought the Sun Sword was two books, too — Broken Crown and Sun Sword. But I had key endpoints and the first … Continue reading 

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Last July, I started repub­lishing ebook versions of my out of print short stories. I still have fifty-nine to go, but sold Silence, and added a book to my dead­line plate. Since I publish the short stories, I am unlikely to seri­ously tick me off if I let things slide. I promised I would have a print version of Memory of Stone and Other Stories for my print readers. I’m grateful for the many years of support print readers have given me. This doesn’t mean that I’m less grateful for the support ebook readers give me now, but I started writing and publishing in a time when the only medium was print, and many of you have been with me since I started. Also: I have an iPad, but I still prefer reading … Continue reading 

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I have finally managed the last little bits and pieces of asso­ci­ated format­ting & ISBN retrieval and back-cover blurb writing (which I am not terribly good at, sadly), and have final­ized three short stories. As decided by general consensus, the shorts are being released in chrono­log­ical order. One of the things that really strikes me, rereading them, is how much tech­nology has changed, because two of the three are set in the theo­ret­ical now, which would really be the now of the early ‘90s. Honestly, some­times it is very hard not to revise every­thing. Shadow of A Change is the first of the three (or the 9th of the sixty, depending on how we’re counting). It was orig­i­nally published in Dinosaur Fantastic, edited … Continue reading 

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There are two stories, which are much shorter than the previous six. They were written at about the same time – very early ‘90s, and over­lap­ping by a month. It’s inter­esting for me to reread them, because I often don’t reread my short fiction unless I’m looking for specific details in a partic­ular story – for instance, when looking up the Maker’s Guild in Memory of Stone. As I approach the task of proofing them (and describing elements of each story to the graphic designer), I’m struck by the sense of watching myself change as a writer over a decade and a half. These stories were written twenty years ago. All stories come from the sum of our expe­ri­ences, obser­va­tions, and inter­ests, but not in completely predictable ways. I do not remember … Continue reading 

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I’ve been writing (Peril & War at the moment) and revising (Silence), and in between, when the creative impulse is at its lowest, I’ve been proof-reading and format­ting. All six of the stories related to the West novels are now on-line (six are avail­able in the iBooks store, four at Barnes & Noble, one at Kobo, six at Diesel, one at Sony. I do not know what happened to Echoes at B&N, and I’m trying to have it redis­trib­uted, but so far that hasn’t worked). My type­setter is halfway through the book, but has gone to Alaska for two weeks. ETA: All six of the stories are now avail­able, as of this morning, at B&N. A new page has been added to the sidebar — Short … Continue reading