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Oracle is the richly intri­cate sixth book in Michelle West’s House War epic fantasy series.

Beneath the streets of Aver­alaan lie the three Princes of the first­born, doomed to sleep until the end of days. When gods walked the world, they feared the Sleepers. They fear them even now. If the Sleepers wake, the city will not survive — and the Sleepers are waking.

House Terafin has already felt the conse­quences of their stirring.

To save the city — and the House over which she rules — Jewel Markess ATer­afin must go to face the Oracle. She leaves a House that is still divided, and a city in which demons, in human guise, have begun to move. At no time in Terafin’s history has it faced the dangers it now faces, and it will face them bereft of its leader.

Jewel has always seen unpre­dictable glimpses of the future — images of death and destruc­tion which she cannot control and cannot always under­stand. To master her birthright, she chooses to walk the path of the Oracle. In her hands, she carries the only hope of the Winter Queen.

But the path she must travel was old when the gods ceased to walk the world. Ancient crea­tures stalk winter skies at the behest of the demons who mean to ensure that she will never reach the Oracle’s side.

Secrets, long hidden from all but the first­born, will finally be brought to light. Choices will be made, and paths chosen, from which there will be no return.

Hardcover published May 2015 by DAW Books
ISBN 9780756410094 • 675 pages • Cover art by Jody Lee
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Mass Market published May 2016 by DAW
ISBN 9780756410100 • Cover art by Jody A. Lee
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eBook published May 2015 by DAW books • Cover art by Jody Lee
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Audiobook published by • Narrated by Eva Wilhelm
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